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"WE ARE SURVIVERS OF THE HOLOCAUST OF ABORTION, 1/3 OF OUR GENERATION DID NOT SURVIVE THE WOMB." The number of lives lost to abortion is startling, but because those attacted have no voice, their cause can be pushed aside so it is up to those who live to speak for them. Here you can post suggestions to get the word out.

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An That's exactly right ShadowDance! Babies are dying, and the least we can do is spend a few minutes a day trying to save them. Praying in front of abortion clinics, donating to pro-life pregnancy care centers, volunteering to house a pregnant teenager, are all great ways to help.

But I'd like to make a suggestion to all members of the Silent Revolution. Go and make yourself known in the abortion debate threads!

This isn't for everyone, but it is easy, and at least on most threads, there are very few people to stand up for life.

I've been doing online abortion debating for years, and it's been very rewarding. I've had people I've debated against email me saying they were now pro-life, I've had numerous people say "I didn't know that" when it came to pro-life beliefs/fetal development, and I've made a lot of friends.

So please go online and make yourselves heard as a defender of life! There are some debates on Goodreads that are great places to start. Here is one that is just starting out!

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An In case anyone is interested, I have a new pro-life group, Feminists for Life, looking for members.

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Jojo (jojothemasterofrandomness) | 5 comments GO ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's awesome! I didn't know that you had converted peps to being prolife! thats really cool!

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:) I am totally going to post this and share with as many people as possible. Pro-choicer "Women have there rights"
Pro-lifer "Oh really, so does that baby girl in your tummy. babies have rights too!"

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My fb cover is a picture of a little cute fetus and it has the saying.
" I noticed that everyone that is pro-abortion, has already been born. "
-Ronald Reagan

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That's awesome! Thank you everyone for your efforts <3

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