Tremble (Celestra, #2) Tremble question

Which boy?
SW SW Jul 05, 2011 11:05AM
Logan? Gage? Marshall? Ellis? (LOL)

I'm thinking Logan of course.. but Gage is so sweet and by the end of the book it really did seem like Sykla started to love him!

After reading Burn, I definitely think it should be Gage. There's no question about his feelings or intentions and with Logan, it's hard to say, especially with knowing just what he really is...

Hard decision, I love Gage, but Logan is trying to protect her by staying away. Gage is so sweet and loving! Hard decision...

Gage just for the sincerity, in today's world its hard to find so have to go with it

GAGE all the way. Logan is actually old enough to be her father. Yes he is hot, and tries so hard. But at the same time Gage always has Skyla in mind. He truely loves her, and I think that she loves him too.. but I still have half of the last book to read.

Gage! I know Logan is trying to protect Skla, but I still do trust Logan. Gage all the way! I'm reading " Vex" right now and I might change my opinion. I don't know, but gage seems off then his normal self. It might be just me but, it just might be a hunch.

I would have run away with sketchy Marshall by now as long as he promised to take out a few people first. I got whiplash and out of frustration I keep stopping. I do intend to finish, but it's not exactly on my calendar at the moment. I just get tired of the drama. And this poor girls situation is bad news on all sides. The love triangle, square, whatever, is the least of her problems.

After Burn i wasn't so sure because there seems to be more to Gage but now i have read the next book i think Logan because he has tried to protect her all the way and still loves her even though she is favoring Gaga. Gage is just too close to Chloe. Gage is sweet and funny and her age but she should just choose instead on going back and forth. They are getting hurt more than she is. :)

Logan, all the way. I know he is hot and cold but he thinks he is doing the right thing. And with Gage and his visions its hard to tell if maybe he is lying about the visions and trying to get to skyla for some other reason besides anything true lovey.

I'm struggling with this one too... Maybe Gage?

I am hands down for GAGE.....I like Logan, but it seems that between all the secrets he keeps and him running hot and cold with her all the time, that they aren't destined to be the last forever kinda match in this series. And with all that being said.....Gage did say that he has seen he and Skyla getting married in the future, so........

Logan. Enough said....

gage ive yet to read vex but,ive never felt that logan was right for skla he just seems off like one min he wants her then he dont and hed dont mind if he has to hurt her in a plan ,but gage he puts her first hed jump in front of a bullet for her no questions asked ,im gonna have to read vex now ;)

Logan put his own needs first when he kept deciding to hurt her over the diary and other things.
Yeah, he's hot blah blah blah.
But I believe Gage would never do that to her and that is who she needs to choose.

Can I choose both??? Logan and Gage that is :) ... Each has a 'filling' part on Skyla's heart!

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