Pretties (Uglies, #2) Pretties question

What would you do?
Drew Drew Jul 04, 2011 01:05PM
I want your opinions here. Would you take the "face change" or become a Rustie. OR stay an ugly?

Face change and become a Special.

I would get the face change, I don't care about the lesions! I would rather be pretty than ugly. I also don't want to be a special just a pretty

I would become a pretty, then take the cure!

Stay ugly, specials are cool but i've never been one to follow the rules and pretties are dumb.

Face change then take the pills and live as smokies

Samantha Said: Face change and become a Special


I would want any of them. I would really like to be a Special because in a way they are like vampires with their super speed and their amazing senses. Also, like newborn vampires (Stephanie Meyer vampires) they have very high tempers.

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Tally was unique most don't get her option. If I had to choose I'd say Rusty, because even though I would have wanted to stay in the city I wouldn't have liked the stigma of wearing an ugly face in a pretty world and I'd like to think I never would have been comfortable trading in my extreme coloring for some thing bland and within someone else's definition of beauty.

But honestly if I grew up in that culture I probably would have been like Tally excited for the surgery and thrilled to become a pretty once I was old enough.

that's a really tough question. most of the time i'd say that i'd rather be a rustie since i think that there's something to be said about remaining as you are and being entirely aware. the contrast though is that you're a result of your upbringing and if you lived in a society where you never had to learn to cope with challenges meaning that you weren't equipped to handle them, you'd want to be a pretty - and i'd go for the surgery.


I think the idea of acceptance and comfort are great motivators. I'd be Pretty just for that. And I wouldn't know I was brainwashed so I wouldn't be discontented. But personally, I'd want to take the cure and experience both sides, and then choose for myself.

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