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message 1: by Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~, The Epic Modster!! :D (new)

Milan~The Gummy Bear Princess!!!!~ (NeverBeenKissed09) | 18 comments Mod
Thatz it...just talk about ethan

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma Winter | 4 comments Ethan's so sweet! I wish he was my boyfriend so bad:) I wish all boys were like him but the only thing I think the authors got wrong is Ethan definitely is not like 16 year old boys but I guess that's a good thing because if he were I would hate him just like I hate all 16 year old boys!

I hope I didn't make any boys reading this mad! I guess some of you are ok and some of you are amazing!

But I kind of got off topic so basically what I'm trying to say is that Ethan is so amazing and one of my favorite characters of all time and definitely my favorite boy character

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