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message 1: by Tequilasunrise (new)

Tequilasunrise | 8 comments Hi, I'm a Polish student and I conduct a small research for my M.A. thesis that aims to check which tranlstion attempts of a given historical/cultural text is more suitable for English speaking readers. For the purpose of this research I have a short (15 minute) survey providing respondents with some excerpts in two translation versions and all I need it to get to know which suits the reader more. I really need your help with that as I have to collect almost 80 copies... If anyone is willing to help me, let me know and I will provide you with either a link to the survey, mail or I will copy paste it as a message here.

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen  (blacksnakecreek) I'd like to help. I can only read English, but I love European novels and sometimes the translations are difficult. I have read books I hated in one translation and then liked well enough to buy in another translation.

message 3: by Tequilasunrise (new)

Tequilasunrise | 8 comments Great! thank you for your response! The survey is only in English:) here is the link:

unfortunately answers can't be typed online so, please, send them as a pm or via email

message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen  (blacksnakecreek) I sent it but it bounced back

message 5: by Tequilasunrise (new)

Tequilasunrise | 8 comments so maybe try to send it as a private message?

message 6: by Karen (new)

Karen  (blacksnakecreek) I sent it to the email address in your post. is the address correct?

message 7: by Tequilasunrise (last edited Jul 07, 2011 06:25AM) (new)

Tequilasunrise | 8 comments yes the email is correct

message 8: by Karen (new)

Karen  (blacksnakecreek) Ok, I'll try again. Actually, I had a couple of things bounce back. Don't know why.

message 9: by Tequilasunrise (new)

Tequilasunrise | 8 comments maybe some connection problems? (I had some once)

message 10: by Tequilasunrise (new)

Tequilasunrise | 8 comments hi guys, I collect more and more responds but I still need about 20 of them, please, if you have 15-20 minutes to fill out the survey and send me your answers that would be the gratest help I could get...

message 11: by Silviya (new)

Silviya wilson (silviyawilson) | 2 comments i'd like to help i can read only english n love to read english n european novels...

message 12: by Tequilasunrise (new)

Tequilasunrise | 8 comments whole survey is in English :)

message 13: by Tequilasunrise (new)

Tequilasunrise | 8 comments As I finished collecting data for my thesis I want to thank everybody who participaded in my project and helped me. But for you I could have done nothing! Thank you all once again and I wish you all the best!

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