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Massive ranch in Argentina. The house is massive and triple storied. It has a stylish interior. Big windows face the rolling hills in all angles. Lots of wild horses here. Along with massive stables for Logan's horses. Other views are of Cape Horn, extending out into the Antarctic Ocean



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((Our very own ranch! How sweet!))

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((Aha, of course!))

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Logan stood in front of the door, holding Skye's hand. "You ready to see our home?"

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((Aww!!! Logan is such a big ol' sweetie!))

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Skye let out a big breath. "Yes..." she sighed.

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((Didya check the pics?))

He put the key in the lock. "Home sweet home" He breathed and opened the door. He stepped in.

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((The pics?))

Skye stepped into the house. She gasped as she took in the surroundings. "It's beautiful..." she sighed.

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((The links in the description))

He smiled and her hand. He led her through the open plan house, toward the windows. "See that? That's Cape Horn. The most southernly point on South America. Our house is the closest one to Antarctica" He said softly.

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Skye sighed. It was all so beautiful. "Logan... You never fail to amaze me." She kissed him on the cheek.

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((Link ain't there. Stupid iPod.))

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He smiled. "Look, those are our wild horses. They live on the ranch" He smiled.

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"Pretty horses! Remember when we went ring shopping, I asked if I could ride one?" She laughed.

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((That's dumb. Use your MacBook?))

"Not those" He said softly he turned her gaze to the right of the window "See that barn?" It was a barn the size of a large industrial estate "Those are our stables. Wanna go check them out?"

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"Okay," Skye said.

((Mac is in the study room. Can't be stuffed getting out of bed.))

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((Lazy butt! xD))

Logan pulled her out of the house, a butler taking their bags up and unpacking them. "Okay, let's walk down and ride back up?" He asked, stepping out into the warm sunshine.

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Skye tilted her head to the sun. "Okay," she said, holding his hand.

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((Oh, and shut up.))

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He took her hand and picked her up, piggyback style and ran super fast. He dropped her off at the stables. "Here we are.

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((Twilight style...))

Skye was laughing from that quick journey to the stables. "Well, that was quicker than I expected..."

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((Shut up. That was all I could think of. +_+))

"the ride back'll be better. He opened up the stables and walked over to a massive white horse with lots of big brown patches. "Hola, Santigo, I've missed you" He says softly, rubbing the horse's nose. He smiled at Skye "This is Santiago"

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"He's beautiful..." Skye said, stroking his back. "A beautiful steed for his beautiful rider..." she murmured.

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Logan grinned. "You need a horse. Some new fouls were born, if you want to choose one?" He opened the gate, Santiago following diligently. "Her they are" He show her the many different fouls.

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((fouls... Lol.))

Skye smiled and followed. She immediately spotted a beautiful black one. It's coat was sleek and untainted of any other colour. "I like this one..."

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Logan nodded. "It was always a bit of a rogue. Just like ol' Santiago here, isn't that right, buddie?" He strokes the horse softly. "What are you gonna call him?"

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"I'll call him... Merlin." Skye smiled at her new horse, stroking his coat.

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"He shall be Merlin! Now, you need one to ride for now, until you start to train Merlin here. How about..." He scans the huge stalls "São, over there?" He pointed at a horse with a bright white coat.

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"Oh, he's beautiful!" Skye said, running to the pretty white horse.

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Logan nodded. "Yeah, he's Santiago's twin" He smiled. And got out an intricate and beautiful saddle for São and Santiago. He gave put it on São first, smiling at Skye. He then put another one on Santiago. "Where do you want to go, Mija?"

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"Anywhere you want, honey..." she said, kissing him.

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He nodded and got onto Santiago. He moved in the familiar saddle. Wide, comfortable, made for long rides. He looked at Skye. "Let's go ride with the wild horses first"

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Skye got onto her horse. "Okay, honey..."

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"You sure like calling me that, don't you?" He laughed and slowly trotted out of the stable. "C'mon, you know how to ride, yeah?"

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Skye laughed. "Yes, I can ride, darling..."

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He grinned. "Excellent!" He broke out into a gallop, at full speed, catching up with the wild horses, who were, by now, use to thhe strangers in their group.

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Skye galloped behind him, trying to get ahead. She laughed in the exhilaration.

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He laughed too. He slowed, letting Santiago drink from a stream. He hopped off and drank some of the water too. He mailed at Skye. "Have some, it's sweet. The water is so pure here, it's all from the Andes snowmelt. We use it in our little home" He smiled again. Their home was by no measure, small.

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"You call our house little?" Skye laughed. She drank the water. "This water is amazing!" she cried.

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He laughed. "Yup. Our little chalet in the rolling hills"

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"It's like one if those fairy tales. And you're my night in shining armor."

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He smiled. "Your definitely not a damsel in distress"

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"No, definitely not. But we can have one if those cool fairy tales, like Tangled!"

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He nodded a little "I helped produce that..."

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"Really? Wow! I love that movie! Come to think of it, your brother reminds me of Flynn Rider..."

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((Our ranch is BEAUTIFUL!!!))

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((It is! :D))

"I had to base him off someone..." He laughs

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Skye laughed. She breathed in the fresh air. "Amazing..." she sighed.

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"It may seem boring, but I swear, it grows on you" He laughs.

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"Boring?" Skye laughed. "Nothing's boring when you're with me..."

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He grinned. "Same"

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