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Has anyone thought about or started writing a book?

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message 1: by Booksdingle (new)

Booksdingle | 186 comments Just thinking that as there are so many different types of books out there so many good and so many bad, maybe there is a story in all of us - what would you write about if you were to write a book? What genre would you choose?! I wouldn't know where to start but guess I would write non fiction that I could research rather than dream up fiction - not sure I would have the patience or the imagination!

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela (bookangel2) | 163 comments I've often thought about it, but haven't got very far. When I was at work - assistant head in a large Primary school - we had lots of amusing incidents, but I didn't write stuff down and have forgotten the details. Anyway, that's all been done by Gervase Phinn!
I have been toying with an idea for a novel based loosely on events in my childhood, with a supernatural element added. We'll just have to wait and see if anything materialises.

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris Stanley (christinelstanley) | 206 comments I used to write in my twenties (before kids), and have a collection of short stories I was going to put together. I never had the confidence to send them to a publisher, hiding behind the excuse "I wrote them for my own amusement". I read them again in my forties and some were pretty good, others were very immature and used vocabulary that dated badly.

I’m in the process of planning a novel but it’s barely begun.

message 4: by Booksdingle (new)

Booksdingle | 186 comments I wrote alot when I was young, diaries, short stories, poems but seem to have gone off the boil over the years, I used to work at home on weekends while I was in uni and every Sunday upon my return my housemates would be sat in the living room eagerly awaiting my tales of what had happened to me that weekend - used to say that the things that happened to me just didn't happen to anyone else!! I thought all the events in my life were normal-ish but looking back at some incidents,funny happenings etc I guess there have been lots of things that would make interesting/funny/unbelievable reading - wish I had written them down! Read back over my teenage diaries few years back and although fairly entertaining (and shocking)in parts I was most struck by the naiveity of half of what I had written - would be so embarassed if anyone read some of the things I had written so much so I ripped them up and burnt them! I think there is room for more than one Gervase Phinn Angela and Chris, would be great if you did get your novel written - we could proof read it for you!!!

message 5: by Chris (new)

Chris Stanley (christinelstanley) | 206 comments I might take you up on that!

message 6: by Chris (new)

Chris Stanley (christinelstanley) | 206 comments Thought I would give you a little update on how I plan to use the diaries my friend left me. Initally I was going write my book in "diary format" along the lines of ordinary mum/extraordinary courage, but that was too personal. It would be very emotional for me, but mean little to anyone else. So, I have vaguely outlined a story, taking significant incidents from our lives as inspiration. This is very much in it's infancy, and sometimes I can't bring myself to think about it.

message 7: by JackieB (new)

JackieB | 123 comments I'm sure it is too painful to think about at times, but it will get easier and I'm sure it will mean a lot to everyone who knew your friend and others too, if you decide to publish. But there's no need to think about publishing yet. Take your time and be gentle with yourself.

message 8: by Booksdingle (new)

Booksdingle | 186 comments I agree with Jackie - do what feels right for you. I have been re-embarking on some family research and wondering how I will write all that up - its been very emotive last few days.

message 9: by Chris (new)

Chris Stanley (christinelstanley) | 206 comments Thanks for your concern and advice. I'm planning on taking things slowly, nothing forced x

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