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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

how can we stop people from committing suicide?

message 2: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) I agree with Ingrid, and a group where they can find friends or help or both mabey?

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) A support group is a good idea.......we have to show them that there is allways hope and good in this world!! tht their is allways a positive side.

message 4: by Gloria (last edited Jul 03, 2011 03:58AM) (new)

Gloria  Jackson (PlanetQueen72) | 26 comments Support group is a good idea....but most people who are depressed are reluctant to admit that they have a problem. That's the only flaw as far as I can see.

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) hmmmm maybe we wont say its a support group.maybe it could be one undercover.

message 6: by Gloria (new)

Gloria  Jackson (PlanetQueen72) | 26 comments An undercover support group? Yep! I'm in!

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) cool!! yea just we need a name and we cant make it obvious that were supporting them or helping them.

message 8: by Gloria (last edited Jul 03, 2011 04:45AM) (new)

Gloria  Jackson (PlanetQueen72) | 26 comments Hmmm....Doesn't that kinda defeat the whole purpose though?

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) well i dunno.....maybe we dont show tht were supporting them in the beggining.learn to be their fwend and let them trust you and then go into the supporting bec u r their fwends.

message 10: by Gloria (new)

Gloria  Jackson (PlanetQueen72) | 26 comments I see your point....But, speaking from experience, that can majorly backfire.

message 11: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Those who are willing to be friends and will be presistant but gental and nice and can ease into undisareable topics with out turning them away?. Mabey?

message 12: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) I can help there sorta because i sometimes say really stupid stuff.

message 13: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Thanks Ingrid. What I memt is that I can sometimes say the wrong thing but will be willing to help.

message 14: by liz (new)

liz (liz272) | 39 comments I'm protective of people around me. Once I know you, you never have to worry about being hurt hen I'm there to stop it. I'd do anything to keep my friends safe. And, as I've gone through the whole depression, cutting, suicide attempts, I know. Where they're coming from. I make sure they know they aren't actually alone.

message 15: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Thank-you i think this is one of those things where we will need alll the help there is and then some.

message 16: by Kübra ℂ⋆ (new)

Kübra ℂ⋆  (khadija_kubraa) yep

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Ingrid wrote: "maybe creating a support group for the depressed?"

that is a good idea. i gave alot of thought inot this and that of S.I.T.O.N suicide stands for suicide isn't the only Nswer

message 18: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Sounds good.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

anyone else?

message 20: by Braden (new)

Braden (dcboy) | 38 comments Mod
I like it

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

imma make a thread for it =)

message 22: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Okay.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

thnxs =)

message 24: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Question from the technology lingo illiterate, what's a thread?

message 25: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Oh, so all the larger headings on the main page are threads, thanks!

message 26: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Now that i know what it is i have somthing to say. It looks good. :)

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message 28: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) :D

message 29: by liz (new)

liz (liz272) | 39 comments How do you stop it? Stop spreading hate. Stop spreading rumors. Stop sayings hurtful things by thinking before speaking. Help those who need it instead of dragging them down. Let people know they matter, everyday. Let people know you're that, and that even though you may not understand what they're going through, you're there to carry them through, or at least you're there as a shoulder to cry on.

message 30: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) I think I have an answer maybe it is only half an answer but here i go:

I know that one person trying to stop all the hate is not a logical thing but if you and I think about what we say, refuse to pass rumors on, and stand up to those who try and bring us down for trying to make this world a better place that is that much less hate and hurtfulness. Alot of hate goes along way but a little bit of sweetness, and care goes a whole lot farther. If all you can do is be a shoulder to cry on BE ONE you will be alot more than you realise. Letting someone cry on your shoulder can help them realise the good in life and that ledge, that knife, that razor, and those pills will start looking less actractive and less desirable.

Sorry i got a little speachy and a little rambley .

message 31: by liz (new)

liz (liz272) | 39 comments It's fine :) and I agree. It helps tl have someone there for you. I had myself, and that may be why it took so long and I went through so much to get where I am today. I hate when my family tells me I'm depressed. If they really knew how far I've come, they wouldn't comment.

I love how they tell me how depressed I am, then they tell me how I'll be like my loser mom and dad who never made it properly and turned to alohol and drugs and lost their three children. If you think I'm so depressed, why would you try to drag me farther down?

message 32: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Thanks, shouls i tweak it and put it on the speech page ( to healp write the big speeches)?

Now to you: I'm sorry you lost your parents to drugs and alcohol. Maybe your gaurdians believe that if you see mistakes of others you will "straighten" up and quit being depressed ( like it is that easy). I think that you have to be a very strong person to have come so far by yourself . Just always rember that if you need a shoulder to cry on you have people here and I would be perfectly happy to be that shoulder.

message 33: by liz (new)

liz (liz272) | 39 comments parents aren't dead, we were taken from tbem. Well, our dad. Mom was already kn jail.

Yes, you should.

message 34: by liz (new)

liz (liz272) | 39 comments Broken dreams
That's who I am
Yet I was created.
And Now I know why.
You see,
Drugs and alcohol
Do affect the brain
They make you do things you regret.
Like have three children,
Going to jail,
Beating there oldest daughter
And only son.
We were broken.
And now I know why.
We broke their dreams
By purely existing.
And we were not allowed to forget that.
through starvation,
And other scare tactics.
Raising a baby at the ages of 3 and 5 is not easy.
But we managed until we were rescued.

After all this,
Do you know how they repay us?
The apologize.
Just to my brother.
Then they take him away.
I don't know where he is.
I haven't seen him since.

message 35: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) @Liz: Sorry that didnt mean to come out like that, I meant I am sorry they were drug and acohol users and so you and your siblings can no longer be with your parents, so you lost them in a certian sense. I'm sorry if i offemed or insulted you in any way. Your poem below is so sad but it is one of my favorites. I think it really opens the readers eyes to abuse amd such. You have a true talent but the sad thing is it is all true isnt it? ( I am sorry).

message 36: by liz (last edited Jul 05, 2011 10:41PM) (new)

liz (liz272) | 39 comments It is true. And then I was adopted into something... not as hard. Never starved here. That's an improvement.

message 37: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Well I am glad, you seem to be happy there.

message 38: by Gloria (new)

Gloria  Jackson (PlanetQueen72) | 26 comments @Iridessa: That's easier said than done though.

message 39: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Hmmmmm let me think im good at this advice things

message 40: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Ugh. my freind almost commited suicide last year and i told a teacher to get help and her other freind got all but 3 or 4 girls in our school to team up on me and yell at me =/ I HATE suicide. it tears people apart and it hurts everyone around them but i undrstand. I used to be super depressed and stil am at times but i think even if people say their fine if they seem they arent even if its some random stranger on the street we should try our hardest to try to get them to tell us. and talk to us so we can help them

♫Morgan♫ *composer but never composed* (morgan1123) there was this boy who graduated from 8th grade in 2010 and we found out in like april that he hung himself. no one knows why though.

message 42: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) That's really sad.

message 43: by ♫Morgan♫ *composer but never composed* (last edited Jul 08, 2011 03:59PM) (new)

♫Morgan♫ *composer but never composed* (morgan1123) yeah, and the worst part about it is that my principal wouldnt even tell us all how he died! i had to find out from my sister, who was friends with his sister during their years at my school.

message 44: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) I think that they ate not really aloud to tell the students stuff like that.

♫Morgan♫ *composer but never composed* (morgan1123) well, the teachers told people. and its not the first time. two years ago we had a fire in the school and it was caused by a water fountain (of course the one outside my homeroom) but my principal just said that one of the fans in the gym rubbed against something in the ceiling and made so much friction that it smoked and set off the alarm. ONE MORE YEAR AND IM FREE.

message 46: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Oh, well i don't know then.

♫Morgan♫ *composer but never composed* (morgan1123) its probably because my principal is a nun and "doesnt want to scare the little kids"

message 48: by Irene (new)

Irene (wingdesilverii) Oh, that and some parents may not want thier kids hearing that sort of thing.

♫Morgan♫ *composer but never composed* (morgan1123) and itll mean the school isnt up to safety regulations. if they had been, and had they gotten a WORKING fountain, it wouldnt have exploded.

♫Morgan♫ *composer but never composed* (morgan1123) well, it didn't exactly explode, but a fire started inside of it.

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