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message 1: by Elizabeth S (new)

Elizabeth S (esorenson) | 5 comments On the Caldecott Medal page, two versions of the 1947 winner, The Little Island, are listed, showing two different authors:

I'm working my way through reading all the Caldecotts, and this duplication confused me for some time. Yesterday I noticed someone else referencing the confusion, so I finally looked into it. Turns out one of the authors (Golden MacDonald) is a pseudonym for the other (Margaret Wise Brown). I'm guessing the author pages for these two names should remain separate, but may I combine the books? If so, under which name? Would that fix the Caldecott duplicate listing?

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth (bethjustbeth) | 1586 comments I would put both authors on each one...just make sure the same one is listed first on both. Then you can combine them. :)

I didn't know Margaret Wise Brown has a pseudonym. I love this site.

message 3: by Elizabeth S (new)

Elizabeth S (esorenson) | 5 comments I took your advice, Beth, thanks. Hopefully I did it right and no one gets more confused. It is nice to see only one entry for the book on the Caldecott list now!

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