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message 1: by Serena (new)

Serena | 33 comments Am I the only one busy with the Love at stakes serie, by Kerrelyn Sparks?

message 2: by Justine (new)

Justine Saulnier (goodreadscombookworm247) | 46 comments I'm sorry to say but yes you are is it a good series???

message 3: by Serena (new)

Serena | 33 comments Yes, I think so. LOL I love the way the writer puts up the stories. Each book is about different characters and yet connected to each others as a whole. And they are funny as well. So there are times when you laugh about a situation and takes another situation more serious. I have almost all the books in this serie and is planning on getting the rest very soon.

message 4: by Adele, Moderator (new)

Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
It has been on my TBR pile for a while. you have just convinced me to read them!

message 5: by Serena (new)

Serena | 33 comments You will not regret it! LOL

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