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Did you like this better than the Notebook?
Michael Michael Jun 30, 2011 06:06PM
Nicholas Sparks has written some amazing books, I read all his books and enjoyed each one of them. I personally think that this book was way better than the Notebook, it was so romantic and just nicely written. I know many people like the Notebook but that was not my favorite by Sparks, what are your opinions on this book?

I personally like The Wedding over The Notebook. The Wedding shows how two people rekindled their romance and fell in love all over again after many years of slowly drifting apart. Not many romantic novels show anything like this anymore, and it shows what love really is; something that needs to be worked hard for everyday, but is worth it in the end.

I do like The Wedding better than The Notebook. Wish The Wedding would be made into a movie.

Sandy I have always thought that as well. Not sure why it hasn't been. Beautifully written book. ...more
Jul 25, 2018 11:58AM

The wedding seemed more adult than the notebook. i havent read the book but in general. It was a good sequel too. I had my doubts but i couldnt put the book down:)

I have to agree with The Notebook being a class apart! I enjoyed The Wedding but Loved The Notebook! There was way more romance and depth in it.

The Wedding is one of my all time most favorite books! I just might read it again since it has been a few years. I saw the movie the Notebook and never read the book and I loved the movie. But I must say the Wedding was a great book, one I tell everyone they must read!

The Wedding and The Notebook happen to be two of my least favourite Nicholas Sparks novels. If I had to choose to only re-read one of them it would be The Wedding. I love Safe Haven, A Bend in the Road and The Guardian.

I really enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks' novels, however, every one of his books pales in comparison to The Notebook.

i loved wedding over notebook

I liked The Wedding, but I loved The Notebook. In the wedding i was more interested in Noah than either Wilson or Jane.....

I LOVED The Notebook and liked The Wedding. It reminded me of a sequel to a movie, the second one just isn't as good. It is worth a read but it's not nearly as emotionally captivating as The Notebook.

The Wedding is my favorite! Loved this one!

I liked the different view of a relationship in this one. I liked that it wasn't how they got together - but rather how they stayed together. Sometimes I think that is more romantic than the initial passion and whatnot.

I think this one are the Notebook are tied for first place in my mind.

I really enjoyed The Notebook and found The Wedding slow. Although I liked it, I didn't have any true interest in it until the last hundred pages or so. Still, it managed to keep me until those last couple pages so I can't say I hated it. Just not my favorite of his. And to be honest, The Notebook isn't my favorite either. I have a particular love for A Walk To Remember and A Bend In the Road. That may have something to do with my opinion on the topic.

Yes! I liked it so much better than the Notebook. It The Wedding was the first Nicholas Sparks book I read years ago. It is still my favorite.

Never read the Notebook but the movie was way better than this books so I can only assume it is.

This book is the sequel to the notebook so I recommend to read the notebook, but its not necessary. This book was my favorite book out of all of Nicholas Sparks book that I have read. Slow begging, but hang tight and just keep reading because its a beautiful story with a very beautiful ending.

My favourie of his is 'The Guardian' but I enjoyed 'The Wedding' and 'The Notebook'. I think that personally I would say I preferred 'The Notebook' to 'The Wedding' but both were good reads.

I liked them both but I think that the time line was different for each book.

I love both. They each have their own style and awesomeness!!

I am finding Nicholas Sparks to be too formatic and his details too trivial (like the long and boring description of the wedding preparations) Granted, this book did have a surprise twist at the end, but not really worth the effort to get there.

Same here! This book has such a magical ending that I fell in love with it. It definitely better than notebook.

I have to say that I did enjoy this book more than The Notebook. It was so romantic, so emotional and yet so touching and humourous in places. I found myself crying one minute and laughing crazily the next. For someone who loves fantasy and historical fiction, I do love Sparks' books and have read numerous novels of his. This could well be one of my favourites of his, along with Message in a Bottle. I watched the film The Notebook first before reading the novel, and I think re-watching it countless times just clouded the novel for me, making me enjoy it less (blasphemous I know!! but I did enjoy the film more!)

Love The Wedding more than the Notebook. I cried so hard the first time I read The Wedding. What a great twist and I never saw it coming! I recommend it to all who are so devoted to the Notebook.

I love The had such a great twist that I was not expecting. I like The Notebook...don't get me wrong but if it's a choice between the two...The Wedding wins!

I love both books, but could relate to The Wedding more. I think many women can feel the way Jane does after so many years of marriage. Looking for the romance/passion of the past with the man you love.

I haven't read "The Notebook" but i have seen the movie. I actually read "The Wedding" and I enjoyed reading the wedding because I love reading and waiting movies about couples that fight for their marriage. There are a lot of people that give up on their marriages too soon.

I love The Wedding, because it shows a part of life that Allie and Noah built but didn't appear in The Notebook, so it's very interesting to read about the marriage of the daughter of Noah and that Noah has included in the book also :)

I enjoy all of Nicholas Sparks' books I always want to cry when I get to the sad twists in the book.

i prefer the wedding, i didnt enjoy the notebook that much but i think the wedding is really romantic

Absolutely - while I liked The Notebook, I adored The Wedding!

I liked The Wedding much better than The Notebook!

Honestly, I love both. In fact, The Wedding was such a lovely story that hit home with my more mature romantic life, where as The Notebook touched on the young romantic in me. And I'm fortunate to be married to my sweetheart, so it wasn't hard for me to imagine growing old and still having those strong romantic feelings for my spouse. We're one of those sappy kind of couples. lol That's probably why I can resonate with Sparks' stories.

The Wedding was just too slow and boring for me.

i liked both books--The Wedding is sort of the grown up/mature and realistic version of The Notebook.

Dear John is probably my most favorite Sparks book too... i cried like a baby when his father was dying! ugh!

I loved both of these books and I would say that the Notebook was my favorite, but it was also the first Sparks book I read, so I may be biased. I agree that the two books are showing different aspects of a love story and I am always amazed at how well Sparks can understand women's feelings. I did not enjoy the movie version of the Notebook at all. It didn't capture the feeling of the story for me.

I didn't enjoy it because I listened to it on audio book and the reader was terrible. I think I would have liked it more had I actually read it myself. The Notebook was great, book and movie!

I enjoyed "The Notebook" better, but this one was pretty good.

i found a different aspect of feeling luv in the wedding. It wasn't 2 passionate bt was strong n serious. The story tells us that v hav 2 show our luv 2 our beloved ppl. On the othr hand d notebook was ful of passion, n exitement... Both cant b compaired... :)

Definitely yes!

The Wedding has my vote. I am a big Sparks fan but this book is at the top of my list.

The wedding was definitely much much better than the notebook ...personally I found the latter a bit redundant.

The Wedding was better in my estimation.

i just finished reading the notebook and the wedding.
i thought that the notebook was average but i really loved the wedding
i thought its more realistic

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no way the notebook is my homebook (like homeboy but with a book) and it was like 10,234,243,023,234,342,342 times better than The Wedding like seriously the only book worse than The Wedding is Dick and Jane and Spot

I have to say I can choose between the two of them they are so good.

Jayne-Marie Barker I agree, they're two of a kind, both enjoyable. ...more
Aug 21, 2013 12:51PM

This is my absolute favorite of all his books. Sometimes I feel like his books are predictable and I often know the end of the story within the first couple of chapters. However, this book completely took me surprise and I still think about it from when I first read it five years ago!

I honestly don't think this book was better than the notebook at all--as a matter of fact, I found it boring and lacking rather than engaging.

I have seen The Notebook on DVD but haven't read the book. The Wedding was a very good read.

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