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message 1: by Sammy, Not a psycopath, just a high functioning sociopath. (new)

Sammy (IreneAdler) | 143 comments Mod
I was surprised to find this book in the Science Fiction/Fantasy section at Barnes and Noble, because it simply appeared to be a collection of Holmes stories by other authors. But it proved to be much, much different from anything that was written in the Canon.
It's actually a bit strange at first because it's hard to get used to the idea of Holmes and Watson solving mysteries of mummies or aliens, and the mention of Watson getting trapped in a parallel universe where Moriarty and the slightly mentioned Murray are the good guys just sounds absurd.
But it's a lot better than it sounds. Many of these "aliens" in the stories turn out to be well planned hoaxes, while others have no real ending, just characters pondering about how the mystery will be solved when it does. I have to admit that those kind of endings were a bit frustrating, but enjoyable nonetheless. Others were a delight to read, having a very quickly paced plot.
One thing that turned me off- Over 15 different authors all writing in Watson's POV make him sound like a completely different person in each story.
Has any one else read it?

message 2: by J_BlueFlower (new)

J_BlueFlower (j_from_denmark) | 6 comments Sounds a bit like Sherlock Holmes in Orbit. A very mixed set of stories. Some good, some not.

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