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Her Royal Orangeness (onlyorangery) This topic for the discussion of Greg Bear.

message 2: by Ice, Pilgrim (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) | 740 comments I strongly liked ,Eon but got confused with The Forge of God and Eternity.

However thought that Darwin's Radio/Darwin's Children was a great short read

message 3: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 2241 comments My issue with GB is the way I feel when I'm finished.
He picks interesting scenarios, is a good solid and thoughtful writer, who has improved a lot as he carries on. His characters are not one dimensional,they are strong and fairly well developed, but I generally find that the endings are so unresolved, I am alsways left unsatisfied somehow. Each time I pick up one of his books I hope that it will work out better. I havent read those that Ice has, and look forward to exploring further.

message 4: by Ice, Pilgrim (new)

Ice Bear (neilar) | 740 comments Just finished Cryptum - I think the confusion is in the title. Probably a link to the X-box game, which at present for me provides no further information.

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