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Name: Lane

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Apperance: lane is very tall, about 5'10", thin, and has softly glowing tan skin. She has long, curly strawberry blonde hair that never does what she wants, and big, gorgeous blue/green/grey eyes (they change depending on her mood) and long eyelashes.

Personality: a sweet, innocent girl, always looking out for others before herself, a typical "mom" personality.

Other: brought her horse, moon with her to school. Hes a large friesan (black, of course!) with a white cresent on her forehead.

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Name:Andy aka Andrea
Apperance:long blond hair with blue eyes tall and skinny
Personality:Andy is very secretive but she loves when ppl talk to her and she's always nice back.

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The Lonely Angel Name: Raeanne

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Personaliy: Raeanne is quiet and sweet, she wants to be a doctor and a singer when she grows up so she helps others alot. She has moments where she becomes over sensitive and angry for no apperent reason, but overalll she is a nice person.

The Lonely Angel thanks! :)

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Braden (dcboy) | 12 comments Name: Zeek
Age: 17
Gender: M
Personaliy: nice,quiet
Other: TBA

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Braden (dcboy) | 12 comments thanks

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Emily (emilygsturt) Name: Samanatha Richards (goes by Sam)
Age: 14
Gender: f
Apperance: tall, long curly brown hair, african american, deep brpwn eyes.
Personaliy: coiuragous and outgoing, bold and active.
Other: Her best friend is Niki.

Name: Nicole Louis (goes by Niki)
Age: 14
Gender: f
Apperance: short, long wavy blond hair, bright blue eyes.
Personaliy: quiet. She loves to dance and sing, but not when people are watching. She doesnt talk alot, and when she does, she's very smart. She's an avid journalist, and writes alot.
Other: her best friend is Sam

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Emily (emilygsturt) thanks

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Yuka Muntou | 6 comments Name: Marceline Tombstone (real name is Keiko Ichinose)

Age: 15

Gender: Girl

Apperance: but instead of smiling she is frowning or straight faced

Personaliy: Cold, cruel, and quiet

Other: Insanely smart (ALWAYS TOP OF THE CLASS), insanely strong, a writer (all kinds of writing), likes to listen, watch, read, and mainly writes about sad, deppressing, evil, and things that can mentally scar you (she is not affected by any of it, she enjoys it), acts lazy but is extremely athletic, RARELY TALKS, ALWAYS HAS A LAPTOP ON HAND (usually a small one), likes to see people in pain (physically), tends to be sarcastic when spoken to (but usually is polite, unless she is mad), easily irritated (she get VERY ruthless (mentally or physically) to others (depends on what you/others did), NEVER smiles, likes to sleep, and is really rich (family has millions, but it is kept a secret to students)

Please don't think I did it over the top because she is very, very close myself.....I'm an asian of course.

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Yuka Muntou | 6 comments Do you think I over did her?

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Name: James
Age: 15
Gender: male
Personaliy: Always speaks his mind.
Other: Is a meth addict and was sent to boarding school so that he could "clean up"

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Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon Name: Carter
Age: 17
Gender: female
Apperance: shoulder length dark curly hair, Dark brown eyes, olive skin.
Personality: quiet, likes her books, innocent, kind of naive.
Other: Is a boarding school because her parents are too busy for her. She also plays piano and loves music.

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Michaela (michaela143) Name:JaQua

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Mal (malxox) Name: Katherine "Katie" Herendale
Age: 17
Gender: F

Personaliy: To Be RPed
Crush: Drake Pril
Other: British

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Name: Carly
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personaliy: Kind, firey, will "kill" you if you fuck with her or her friends

message 19: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Thanks

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments Name: Chrissy
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Apperance: [image error]
Personaliy: Bubbly, Outgoing, Funny
Other: crush on Jake.

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon So, this is going to sound like I am begging but does anyone want to make a charrie for Carter...?

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments I will(: Just give me a sec(:

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments Name: Drake Pril
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personaliy: Sweet, Sensitive, Loyal,
Other: N/a

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments :)

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Mal (malxox) Cassie :D wrote: "OMFG YES! omg id tap that (;
if i wasnt 14... :O"

Lolz, my charrie's 17! :D

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Michaela (michaela143) IKR

message 32: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Lolz

message 33: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) Say what?!?!?! :D

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Mal (malxox) Yeah, dats gonna work *rolls eyes* lolz we can have drama

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Christina Beasley | 91 comments haha....y'all are crazy....

message 36: by Mal (new)

Mal (malxox) We no

Viktoria *just wants a plan*  Pendragon Does anyone wanna make a charrie for Carter to rp with...she's getting kind of lonely.

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Mal (malxox) Name: Ben
Age: 18
Gender: M

Personaliy: To Be Rped
Other: None

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Mal (malxox) I KNOW!!

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Emily (emilygsturt) Name: Sam (Samantha Sissero)
Age: 14
Gender: girl
Apperance: short, blond wavy hair, sparkling blue eyes, braces.
Personaliy: Bubbly, outgoing, excited and jumpy.
Other: her best friend is Niki

Name: Niki Endleheart
Age: 14
Gender: girl
Apperance: tall, short brown hair,
Personaliy: quiter than Sam, patient, wise.
Other: Sam's best friend, Works weekends at Penny's Parlor.

Name: Matthew Jenkins
Age: 15
Gender: boy
Apperance: Tall, curly brown hair, deep blue eyes.
Personaliy: to be rp'd
Other: dorms with Mikkie

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Name: Brooke Scott

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: Fun, Shy, Kind, Brave, Polite.


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Mira Meteo (mira278) Name: Virginia Holmes

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: (yes, this is my picture and account.)

Personality: Virginia is a fun-loving girl, but I mean by herself. She's a bit of a loner. You see, she's mildly schizophrenic, a mental disorder that makes you, to put it nicely, not 100% sane. She thinks most people are out to get her, and she believes she's the Queen of Egypt. But I'm sure one of these characters could be her friend anyway :D

Other: no boyfriend, can carry a B average in most subjects, likes to make up words, pet chinchilla that she carries around in her pocket all the time

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Bree (breej6434) | 37 comments Name: Sadie Baker
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Apperance: description
Personaliy: TBRP
Relationship Status: Single
Other: N/A

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amyyy | 131 comments Name: Collins Helton

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Emily (emilygsturt) Name: Penny Davis
Age: OLD
Gender: f
Apperance: african amercian with grey hair, ussually pulled back in a bun under her hair net. Has never been seen without her "Penny's Parlor" ice cream apron.

Personaliy: kind sweet and gentle. Loves to talk to people abpout their problems. Very trust worthy.

Other: owns Penny's Parlor.

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Emily (emilygsturt) Name: Jeanette Jennings
Age: 16
Gender: f
Appearence: tall, with wavy brown hair framing her ever frowning face. Has black braces, and is never seen without her black sweatshirt.
Personallity: She was adopted when she was 7, already a closed up child. She never warmed to her adoptave parents, and is a huge bully. Keeps to herself mostly, except when she gets into conversations where she spreads her rumors. No one else knows why she acts this way, or wheather or not to believe her. She needs a friend.
Other: dorms by herself

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Mira Meteo (mira278) Name: Pinkamena Diane Patterson

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Apperance: (But with red hair)

Personaliy: Pinkamena is super energetic and has been hyper and partying since the minute she was born (not drunk parties; legit, nice parties)She is usually super happy and doesn't really understand when she's bugging people. When she's upset, her hair flattens. She loves to make cupcakes.

Other: Yes, I went there. I did it. I know. It's unbelievable. (No, this is not perverted. If you don't understand, click the link. If you still don't understand, just ask XD)

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Mira Meteo (mira278) Name: Tania Lorelei Samson

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: (But with black hair)

Personality: Tania isn't a very social person. She prefers to study and read more than anything. She does great in school, A's in every subject.

Other: She has a pet rabbit named Spike (Hey, you can't have Twilight and not Spike XD)


Name: Rebecca Marianne Daniels

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: (But with blonde hair)

Personalty: Rebecca is super athletic. In her elementary and junior high schools (this is a high school, right?) she was faster and stronger than everybody, even the boys. She usually makes C's in most of her classes since she spends her time running instead of studying. You can find her in the Athletics Room most of the time.

Other: THREE TIMES!! yes, I'm gonna make the other ones :3

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Mira Meteo (mira278) Name: Renee Schuler

Age: 17

Gender: female

Appearance: (But without the glasses and with brown hair)

Personality: Renee is very polite and fashionable. If someone even just forgets to say please, she gets very upset and doesn't do what they ask until they say it. She also loves jewlery, makeup, and fancy clothes.

Other: None of them know each other, in case you're wondering.


Name: Fiona Sora

Age: 17

Gender: female

Appearance: (But with blonde hair)

Personality: Fiona is SUPER SUPER shy. If you pop out of nowhere, she'll get scared. If you move too fast, she'll get scared. She's very very delicate and sensitive and gets her feelings hurt very easily. It takes a lot, probably 50 million tons, to get her to yell. She refuses to resort to violence.


LAST ONE *gasps for air*

Name: Amanda Jackson

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: Amanda is from Texas. She loves apples and makes a mean apple pie. Or apple tart. Or apple anything. Ask her for an apple anything and she'll whip up the best thing you've ever tasted. The Jackson family is extremely large, so she's obviously good in a tough situation.


That's it!! Geez, I must be crazy, making all these characters XD

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Emily (emilygsturt) @ Maria
Can Niki dorm with Fiona and can Sam dorm with Virginia?

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