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message 1: by Menina (new)

Menina iscrazy (meninaiscrazy) | 3 comments I am looking for a book I read back in the early nineties. Somewhere between 1990-1994 (I was in high school). It was about vampires in the future and it had at least one sequel. The first time I read it in h.s. it didn't and then a few years later it did. Not sure when it was published but, it was probably late eighties or early nineties. I do remember it being more scifi-ish than strictly paranormal because they were in space.
Thanks for any help.

message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana Welsch | 529 comments This sounds like a stupidly obvious guess, but was it The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson?

message 3: by Diana (new)

Diana Welsch | 529 comments Here's a good collection of books (and movies, etc.) about future/space vampires if any of them jog your memory.

message 4: by Diana (last edited Jun 30, 2011 08:17PM) (new)

Diana Welsch | 529 comments Sabella by Tanith Lee looks like a contender. It came out in 1980.

message 5: by Menina (new)

Menina iscrazy (meninaiscrazy) | 3 comments No neither of them are it. That collection was interesting but, none of them helped. I've tried looking through all the books that list 'vampires'. I do remember them being on Earth but, that they had been there for a while but, knew or discovered that they were aliens. I do remember some discussion about them being worried about it but, I'm not sure if I am remembering that right or wrong.

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Menina iscrazy (meninaiscrazy) | 3 comments I think I found it in a round about way from using Sabella and that collection as jumping spots. I think it's Those of My Blood by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and the sequel is Dreamspy. There are elements I remember from the blurbs on both. Thanks for y'alls help. I'm putting this as solved.

message 7: by Diana (new)

Diana Welsch | 529 comments I'd glad you found it!

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