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do you belive in magic
deleted member Jun 30, 2011 12:33PM

If by 'magic' you mean phenomenons that can't be explained completely by current scientific theory, then yes. A lot of the stuff we take for granted today would be seen as magic to people a 100 years ago. It's all a matter of knowledge and perspective. :)

no, nothing that has been explained so far has turned out to be magic, thus there is no reason to assume anything else is magic. There is wonder and awe, but not magic.

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Perhaps not as it is percieved in HP, but I do believe in it, yes. I actually had a dream I was casting HP spells last night...Lol

I totally agree with Juliet!!! I read the first Harry Potter when I was 10 and I really hoped that next year a letter from Hogwarts was gonna be sent to me!!! But now I don't believe in the kind of magic that we see through the HP series but I still believe that magic exists...


it's hard not to after reading the book even though it's not real. but i totally believe that if you want to, SOME magic is possible.


I believe in J.K. Rowling's literary powers of the imagination, but not the idea that someone out there is riding through a Quidditch hoop in the sky.

I wish magic did exist. Life would be so much more fun.

AJ ikr??!!
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how can you not once you've read Harry Potter? *sigh*, I wish I was a wizard

No. I dont believe in any kind of magic what so ever.

AJ what?!?! why not!?!?!
Jul 03, 2011 01:45PM

of course i believe but i believe it's not like how they're saying in the book

i believe it's a connection with demons

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