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Kelly I LOVE BOOK DISCUSSIONS! This book in the back has some quesitions so here we go, after some people have answered I will go on to the next one. :)

The Principles and Strategies illustrated in this novel are taken from The Four Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman. In this book, Dr. Chapman discusses marriage as a journey back and forth through different "seasons."

Springtime in marriage is a time of new beginnings, new patterns of life, new ways of listening, and new ways of loving.

Summer couples share deep commitment, satisfaction, and security in each other's love.

Fall brings a sense of unwanted change and nagging emptiness appears.

Winter means difficulty. Marriage is harder in this season of cold silence and bitter winds.

1. In It Happens Every Spring, which season of the year is it in Deepwater Cover, Missouri? Which Season of marraige do you think Steve and Brenda Hansen are experiencing in their marriage? What are the signs that let you know?

Personally I think Brenda & Steve are in Fall because Brenda is dealing with a lot of change that she doesnt want.

Beverly Warembourg I would agree with Fall, but not for the same reasons. Seeing as I have homeschooled my kids for the past 14 years, have one son in college and the other starting 9th grade I can relate to what Brenda is going through. Actually, as I think about it, I think it is Fall, Winter and the beginning of Spring in this book.

The old life that she was used to is coming to an end and she has no idea who she is or what her purpose is. So that old life and way of thinking has to die and give birth(Spring) to a new life and new thinking. Good ole', clueless Steve gets to come along for the ride. I enjoyed this book, but my patience was tried with the hubby's attitude. :)

Tricia Byrd Loved the book. I think they were in winter. There was no communication. Brenda wasn't wanting to move on, but their marriage had grown completely cold. It didn't seem to me that there was a nagging emptiness, but a true emptiness. It didn't mean that their marriage was irreparable, however. That is the point, I think. Even when your marriage is in winter, don't give up. Spring follows winter, after all.

Kelly 2. In the scene in which Brenda and Steve eat dinner together and try to make plans for spring break (pages 69-77), they could have begun to thaw their winter marriage. What went wrong? What could each of them have said or done differently?

When Steve was trying to be nice about Cody not being around she basically said he was lying by saying you are glad hes gone. I think in all they both had so many barriers up between them and neither ones words were being understood by their spouse.

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