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A cheery woman clapped her hands twice to get the attention of the students in the tent. "Beauxbaton Champions!" She waited another moment to ensure all eyes and ears were on her before continuing "First congratulations on being picked. You're excited I know it. Who wouldn't be? And don't worry your heads the Ministry is going to make sure you are safe. There will be no unfortunate deaths this year. I forgot to introduce myself I'm Arabella Éreta. I'm an assistant to one of the judges of the first task, The Minister Of Magic. I'm here to give you your clue! I hope you brought your thinking caps. You're going to need them." 

The headmistress who was sitting behind Arabella rolled her eyes. The woman's pep was getting on her nerves. 

Arabella pulled out stone pendants in magenta, green, and black. She gave the pendants to the champions in the house with the corresponding colors. "That's not all." She passed out pieces of parchment with a Poem written on them.

Cold and dark 
You're stuck inside 
Until you get through 

The key out is close to heart 
When you see the opening 
You'll know what to do  

You're not alone
Never alone
All the things watching you

Kahlan played with the pendant nervously. It pinched her. Kahlan took her hand away quickly examining her thumb that was starting to bleed. It took her a moment before realizing that stone couldn't pinch. After closer examination she found a tiny crack. She slid her fingernail through it and it popped open. Inside was another price of paper. "It's a locket." Kahlan practically shouted. 

((The second clue inside is different for everyone. Once your locket is opened I will send you your second clue.))

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((I just tried to send you your second clue and Goodreads says you aren't accepting messages. So could you take that off for a sec or do you have another way for me to give it too you.))

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Kahlan paled at her second clue. Not good not good at all. As if she wasn't terrified already.

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Kahlan attempted to smile back. It leaned more towards a grimance. She would show Aretha her clue in the Common Room later.

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Holding the onyx stone like it was a cursed item, Belial sniffed at the thing, rotating it between his pointer and thumb to allow the light of the room to glint off of it.

The thing was smooth as any pebble, though it was warm to the touch from the woman's hand. He let it slide into his palm, bouncing it in place, quick eyes following the movement in lazy blinks.

It was big enough to brain a bird, or crush the temple of a small child, but not large enough to seriously harm a matured adult or youth.

The runt's voice jerked him from his musings and he set his teeth on edge, grinding them into the slithering organ that was his tongue. It was a locket? He turned it over in his hand, but could feel nothing, though the heat from it had turned to an almost uncomfortable level.

He bounced it once more, throwing it to the ground to force the damned thing open.

It bounced once, twice, three times, skittering to a stop three feet away from him, the locket's inner workings smashed to hell and spilling its secrets to him.

Smug, he bent down, scooping up the remains.

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((Uh-Oh. I'll pm the issue.))

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Swiftfire Charlotte quickly realized the woman with the painfully cheerful voice wasn’t saying anything important, so she tuned her out. Instead, she looked around at her fellow champions. Three of the five were younger than her, one only a first year. Poor Mudblood. Doesn’t stand a chance, Charlotte thought coolly. As for Belial… truthfully, she couldn’t have picked a better person from her house to compete against herself. He was dangerous, of course, but so predictable and easy to manipulate if she needed. It should be… fun.

Taking the piece of parchment and the pendent, Charlotte’s eyes lingered on the others for a few long seconds before looking down. She read the short poem silently, then folded it and slipped it into the pocket of her robes. The necklace was a shiny black, quite an ugly shade in her opinion. Holding it up to her face, she could see her eye reflected in it. She spotted the crack and realized it was a locket just as the first year shouted it. She opened the locket with a manicured nail and stared down for a moment at the clue inside.

When she finally spoke, her eyes where on the headmistress and her expression was apathic.

“Can we go now?”

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"Yes of course." The headmistress said

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Swiftfire Charlotte slipped the necklace and its clue in her pocket as well. After catching Belial's eye and giving a pointed look, she turned and walked out of the room.

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Reading the scrap in a dismissive manner, Belial gave a hefty sigh, following the Cherry from the room.

"Reparo," he murmured, reassembling the locket to its former, infuriating glory.

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Kayla | 263 comments Laura looked down at the locket in her fingers. It was very smooth, but as she ran her thumb over the surface she felt a small crack. She tried to open it, but couldn't slide her nail in far enough. Wanting to get it open, she placed it on the table in front of her and brought her fist down on it hard, successfully shattering it.

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((I can't send you your second clue because I can't message you.))

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Kayla | 263 comments ((Hmm. Do I need to add you as a friend first?))

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((Yeah. Can you change that on your profile for a bit.))

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Kayla | 263 comments ((I'll try.))

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