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hey guys! So for flagging books or talking about them, I've come up with a rating system.

1 - Equivalent of a G movie. Nothing bad, what so ever.
2 - Nothing bad, but maybe a slightly more mature theme.
3 - A few minor kisses ('He leaned over and kissed her' stuff), no swearing.
4 - A few (few being, 3 maybe 4) kisses, with some minor swearing. (d*mn, he11, etc) Mature themes here. (eating disorders, diseases, loss of parent, etc)
5 - Major swearing (one or more f-bomb), at least one make out scene. (More mature themes here, like homosexuality, loss of virginity, pregnant before marriage, etc.)
6 - Gore, swearing, multiple make-out scenes.
7 - Gore, make out scenes, one sex scenes, swearing, majorly mature themes.
8 - Haha... Worse books.

Also, to rate a book it doesn't have to match ALL the criteria. I know that lots of times there are books that are maybe full of make out scenes, but no swearing or mature theme. Just go with whatever is closest :)
I hope this rating system works well for us :) if you think of anything more to add, please feel free to let me know. What do you think of it? :)

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Scribbler King (ScribblerKing) | 23 comments Wow, this is great, Avree! It's hard, when everyone has slightly different standards, to know exactly how others' ratings would be on our scale, but this should take care of that. Thanks!

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Thanks :P Yea, because a lot of people have different standards haha so this should work well :) Youre welcome!

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