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Talk as your charries. :D

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Isn't it a wonderful day to love someone?

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Lyeta: *Mumbles* More like a great day to fuck someone.
Laura:*Slaps Lyeta over the back of the head* Just because you don't have anyone.
Lyeta: *Falls into uncomfortable silence.*
Cameron: *Shakes head.* Idiots.
Dimitrius: *Laughs* I agree with you Cam.

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Skye: Is fucking all you ever think about, Lyeta? *sighs*

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Lyeta: No. *Whispers sadly*
Laura: *Sends a wry look at Lyeta.*
Cameron: *Looks at Lyeta in disbelief*
Dimitrius: *Looks at Lyeta in Disbelief*

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Skye: The others seem to agree with me. *sighs* Love is more than a physical thing. You have to love from the heart and the soul.

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Lyeta: I know. *Whispers*
Laura: *Not hearing.* So. Who's read Embrace by Jessica Shirvington.
Cameron: *Scoffs* Now why would I read?
Laura: Because it's fun... *Glares*
Cameron: *Glares back*
Dimitrius: *Completely Oblivious* I have. Good book.
Laura; *Snaps out of it.* It is isn't it!? You read it Skye?

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Lincoln: I have. I love it. The main characters name is Lincoln.
Logan: Self centered bastard
Lincoln: Pffft. As if you can talk.
Logan: I can, actually.

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All: *Laughs*
Laura: Idiots.
Lyeta: *Grins* You guys are freaky... You almost remind me of Laura and Cam. WHen they were talking.
Laura/Cam: *Collective glare* Well go fuck yourself.
Laura: Oh shit
Cameron: Oh crap *Say at the exact same time as Laura*
Dimitrius: Perfect specimens. I MUST OBSERVE! *Pulls out pen and notepad. Sits in a chair. Pulls a thinking man pose.* Hmmm
Lyeta: *Giggles* That got 'em goin'

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ ((yay ur on! post on midnight?))

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Lincoln/Logan: Why donlt you just use an iPad? Like everyone else?

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Cameron/Laura: Because a computer is perfectly adequate. *Look at each other.* Fuck.
Dimitrius: *Laughs excitedly and jotts down more notes* I wonder... Could you make this type of connection between unrelated people... *Mutters about x time 19 squared by something or other*
Lyeta: *Sighs happily and leans back in chair.*

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Aphrodite: Neigh

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Skye: I'm really bored.

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Logan: I can fix that *Wink*
Lincoln: :O

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Skye: *runs hand along Logans face* I know you can...

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Logan: Agagagag *Shudders*
Lincoln: *Pretends to vomit into airline sick bag*

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Skye: *laughs*

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Lyeta: *Looks on jealously*
Laura: Guys... Stop it.
Cameron: Yeah. I prefer not to watch, but to be a part of. So unless you want me barging on in there... Stop.
Dimitrius: *Laughs* Idiots.

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Skye: *shrugs* It's what love does to you. *makes googly eyes at Logan* Isnt it, honey?

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All of them: We know.

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Logan: *Googly eyes back* Sure is, Mija.
Lincoln: You two are so corny. :/

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Laura: *Laughs* Yeah...
Lyeta: Definately.
Cameron: *Glares at Laura* At least they aren't acting like rabbits
Dimitrius: HEY! THAT'S MY LINE! *Indignant*

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Logan/Linc: We don't like you.

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Skye: *laughs*

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Laura: Meanies...

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Lincoln/Logan: Not you. Dimitrius.

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Dimitrius: Oh yeah. Because one of you is crushing on Ivory.

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Lincoln: I'm with Raven
Logan: Idiot. I'M ENGAGED!

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Skye: *flashes her ring* Yeah!

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Logan: Worth every penny!
Lincoln: ...

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Skye: *nods*

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Dimka: Sure you are Lincoln. And I knew that already Guys.

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Skye: Lol! Linc's such a player!

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Dimitrius: *Laughs* Deifnately*

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Lincoln: It may only seem that way. I mean, it's not my fault girls fall for me.
Logan: C'mon, girls be nice.

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Dimitrius: *Raises eyebrows*
Lyeta: *Scoffs*
Laura: *Laughs*
Cameron: *Grins*

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Skye: Lincoln is quite popular with the ladies... Even a bit too popular...

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Lincoln: I'm trying very hard to settle. So, so hard.
Logan: I have nothing to say...

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Skye: hahahahahaha!!!

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Lincoln: Why don't you two just go make out in the corner?
Logan: *Cheshire cat grin* OK!

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Skye: Ooh! I'd love that!

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Skye: So, how's everyone been today?

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Lyeta: *Frowns.* Mab's here...
Laura: I'm having to kill my baby to live. *Tears form in eyes*
Cameron: I'm ok.
Dimitrius: *Grins* I'm great. How about you Skye?

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Logan: Well... Last night was fun *Looks pointedly at Skye*
Lincoln: And you guys thought I was the horny one...

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All: *Laughs*

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Jason: *Waves* Hello. I'm Laura's new charrie.

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Logan: *Growl* C'mon!
Lincoln: Nah...

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Jason: *Cocks head* What no one cares about me?
Cameron: *Scoffs* Why would we?
Dimitrius: *Laughs*
Lyeta: I already knew. Remember you are my subject.
Jason: *Frowns*
Lyeta: *Smirks*
Laura: Of course I care Jason. *Smirks evilly*

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