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BubblesTheMonkey I was just wondering what you thought of this book. I thought it would be really good to read because of all the good reviews but so far it isn't living up to expectations. Is the book pretty slow to get into in the first half or is it just me?

Chris I thought it was a great book. Is it slow? Depends on what you mean by "slow." It is certainly not action packed-he is, afterall, in jail. The book is subtle in a way that I found myself thinking about days and weeks after I had finished. I don't want to reveal anything but I'd encourage you to stick with it.

BubblesTheMonkey I read it and it does get better. I don't know, the beginning wasn't as exciting as I'd like it, but the books not terrible.

Jessaka It was slow at first, but then it became real intense. And at the end it was extremely intense. I recommend it to all, and it should be recommended or required reading in high school. I gqve the book away because I didn't think I would ever be able to read it again.

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I read this for a book club, it was one of the better ones we've ever read. I liked the honesty to the story.

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Egypt i liked this book, because it showed me that we dont live forever.We have to be grateful for everything and everyone around us.
the first part was type slow..... but they wanted us to understand the authors purpose of it.......

Doris Blaine I loved this book, It is one of my alltime favorites. When my daughter was in 7th grade it was assigned as one of their readig assignments the whole classed loved it as well. It is has a good lesson and I reccommend it for any teacher.

Bill Hice Did not like it all that much. I love the speech at the end, but pretty bland for the rest.

Jessaka I gave this book 5 stars. It builds up over time into something powerful and tragic. And so yes, it becomes really intense. You will never forget a book like this.

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Terrence Madden I think the book was alright it started out slow But i like how it end if you like stories about slavery or anything of that nature you should read this book.

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Pat Simons I thought this was a very moving, well-written book. Every character is well-drawn and memorable, and the story is engrossing and compelling. Even the setting is alive. I felt as if I were in rural Louisiana in the 1940s—a time and place when black people were considered and treated as less than human, and any black accused of a crime was presumed guilty by all-white male juries. The characters in this book learn important lessons, but so does the reader.

Makayla I didn't like reading this book, but I was forced to for school...I don't think it was very good until the climax of the novel. Everything leading up to the climax was pretty boring. If I had the choice to read it I would not.

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I cried. A wonderful read.

Autumn A lot of people think this book is slow. But, I completely disagree, though I will preface my next statement by saying: it depends on what you look for in a book.

From the beginning Gaines begins discussing, even if vaguely, important social issues from minorities in America and minority relationships between one another.

Also, if anyone wants to go into teaching, I highly recommend this book. As an AmeriCorps intern my thoughts mirror his sometimes, and it's disturbing because I am so far removed from that time period.

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Jon I liked the book and thought it was well written with fully fleshed out characters. Was it slow? I didn't think so, but I went into it not expecting an action thriller and enjoyed the time spent in developing the characters and evoking the time and place.

Phoebe S. I loved this book and it made me think about heroism and dying to one's self and things like that. Overall, it's a fantastic book, but the first half was somewhat "slow", I guess. However, I thought that was because it was supposed to represent the slow pace of change in southern society at that time.

Timothy Jay Smith I loved the writing. Didn't think it was slow at all, just deep and intense. Brilliantly executed. Thought the ending was perfect. I felt a little redeemed by reading it, as if I had learned an important lesson before dying, too.

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Christopher BubblesTheMonkey wrote: "I was just wondering what you thought of this book. I thought it would be really good to read because of all the good reviews but so far it isn't living up to expectations. Is the book pretty slow ..."

I had to teach it to high school seniors two years ago, and I really enjoyed reading it and teaching it; it offers a lot in the realm of the age-old philosophical question of what it means to be human.

Bonnie Walker I didn't find it slow at all. It is one of my top favorites.

Stephanie Alexandria The stage play is brilliant. It truly transposed well for the stage.

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