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Philip Roth is better than fiction

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message 1: by Benoit (new)

Benoit Lelièvre | 25 comments Mod
Taken from here:

Philip Roth tells Slate how he's so over fiction:

"I've stopped reading fiction. I don't read it at all. I read other things: history, biography. I don't have the same interest in fiction that I once did."

How so?

"I don't know. I wised up ..."

And with those three words he gave me a long look from those fierce eyes and then a significant glance at my notebook, as if to say: That's what I want you to write down


I have problems with this. What the fuck is it supposed to mean? I don't mind when a writer gets bored with his own stuff and tries something different. That's not it. I'm pretty undecided about Philip Roth. The man has his way with words, but he always ends up writing stories that are vaguely about himself.

He writes novels at a frantic rhythm but he's too wise to read some? Somebody needs an ego-check. Is there something I didn't understand from this? I fail to see the provocation.

message 2: by V. (new)

V. (mooderino) | 7 comments What you're missing is that he is an old man. Grandpa feels grumpy. Not really an unusual turn of events as grim spectre of death approaches.

All those mid-century great American novelists were completely obsessed with themselves (and the thing flapping between their legs). Great prose but tedious interests. Pretty young girls are attracted to older, richer men. Genius! Wives get bitter as they lose their looks. Brilliant!

I always wanted writers liek him and Updike and Bellow to reveal something amazing to me about life, but they never did. Acting like a selfish dick doesn't lead to happiness. Bravo!

message 3: by Benoit (new)

Benoit Lelièvre | 25 comments Mod
Ah all right. Then I'm not crazy. It's the old man that cannot keep up with change. I agree with your call on him and Updike. They are obviously talented guys, but somewhere down the road they decided to write novels about their dicks.

message 4: by Cat (new)

Cat (zeteticat) | 5 comments Something about Philip Roth has always turned me off to picking up and reading anything he's written. His recent comment is not helping matters. Am I wrong to not give him much thought?

message 5: by Benoit (new)

Benoit Lelièvre | 25 comments Mod
It depends on what you like about literature. Roth is a wordsmith and a thinker of language. He writes BEAUTIFULLY. But it's about his cock sometimes.

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