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release date for broken harbour?

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Amanda Byrne has anyone seen anything about a release date for this book? the date they have posted here and on amazon would be correct for the UK, but not for the states (it's not a tuesday). and the publisher doesn't have any information on the book available on their website. so i have to wonder if this book will actually be released this year, or if we have to wait another year.

Maxine All I know is May for the UK. It would probably be later in the US, as she is a UK author?

Beth I wrote to the author, Tana French, and she wrote back saying it would be available this summer!

Amanda Byrne Yes, Amazon is saying the release date for the US is end of July. I can't wait!

Beth Amanda wrote: "Yes, Amazon is saying the release date for the US is end of July. I can't wait!"

Me either! I want the author to write a sequel to "Into the Woods" and solve that mystery!!!!!

Lisa Vlieg If you look at the reviews, it looks like some people have already read it. How?!

Beth Lisa wrote: "If you look at the reviews, it looks like some people have already read it. How?!"

Some store owners get advanced reader copies.

Ronna Advanced reader book says 7/20/12

Ronna My review from 'firstreads' :

With 'Broken Harbor', Tana French has once again brought us a thrilling police procedural with lots of 'crazy' psychological turns and twists. Veteran detective , 'Scorcher' and his new rookie detective, Richie, explore means and methods of working togetherness to solve a terrible tragedy.

The 'perfect' couple, with their 6 year old Emma, and 3 year old Jack, have been living in the partially developed 'Broken Harbor' by the sea for about a year when their tragedies strikes them. At first it's builders going broke after just starting a new community development. Most of their houses are empty or not completed. All the extras---shops, parks, community centers---have not even begun to be built. But the Spaines and their two children find themselves living there in their new 'dream house' that is anything but a dream. Eventually more tragedy strikes and our story begins with two dead children in their beds, and a bloody mess in the kitchen, where Patrick lies dead with his barely alive wife curled up beside him.

Tana French expertly uses today's headlines to develop her psychological story line. Builders going broke, homes empty, job loses becoming more prevalent amongst the 'climbing' middle classes, and message boards on computers becoming the primary source for information, communications, and the hope of helpful comforting solutions to life's problems.

Mix this case in with a developing working relationship with a veteran and rookie cop, add in a less than admirable fellow officer, plus a large dose of our veteran cop's nearly psychotic sister, and top it off with a stalking 'best friend'. What do you have? Another winning read from Tana French!! Be prepared to keep reading till you complete this book once you open the first pages. I was on page 100 before I realized that we'd not even left the scene of the crime yet, and I was loving it!! (less)

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