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Thoughts, Questions and concerns for Gray and Monk..**Spoilers

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message 1: by Farrah (last edited Jun 27, 2011 12:03PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Farrah Another great Sigma book by James Rollins. I really enjoyed it. But:


1. Did some of the scenes seem redundant? Like the University scene? I do recall another underground university lab being blown up in another book.

2. The magically appearing Native Americans hiding in the woods only to find out that Jordan had made calls beforehand. That dialogue didn't jive with his character AND it seemed like a bit of a Mary Sue.

3. Monk's resignation? Do you think it will stick?

4. LOVED the Gray story line. Sad about his mother but added a good level of depth to the man. But I wish him and Seichen would just get together already!

5. LOVED KAWTCH! Hope he has a storyline in other books.

Your thoughts?

Matthew Harrington I would expect that due to the nature of the series there will be more damages to labs in the future. Doesn't bother me.

Not really sure what I think about the Native Americans coming in to save the day and Jordan's role in calling them in.

I really hope Monk stays in the series. I never tire of reading Monk and Grey's story lines. Especially Gray, the whole Gray, Seichan story is fantastic!

Yeah Kawtch was great though I suspect he will need a fair bit of recovery time.

Vickie what did you think of the information that came to light about the current president in the series?

Christine I have liked all the stories, but I have found some things are getting predictable. The Native Americans saving the day was somewhat predictable because they had to get out of the situation somehow. Blowing up labs will most likely continue since these books have a lot of science in them.

Monk resigning is a little of a surprise, but I see Gray and Seichan as a good team, if she sticks around. Monk would be best working with Kat at the command center. I like Painter being out in the field, but I still like the first book the best when it was Painter as the main character.

Lastly, the current President angle will be interesting, I knew they would have to have to pick someone well known to be the one behind everything. I was hoping they were going to pick on a royal family though. Can't wait to read the next one.

Susan I enjoyed The Devils Colony very much. However, I do hope that Monk is drawn back into the action with Gray. And, I to think that Gray & Seichan make a good team, and wouldn't mind seeing a little romance grow between the two. Bottom line, it was an excellent book & I plan on reading the rest of his books!

Tony Yeah, how did Jordan make those calls? I thought that creepy little Frenchman had his cell phone. I guess I missed something.

I think I can live without Monk. He's sort of accident prone and if he stays on at Sigma I'm sure the results won't be good. Accident prone people have short life spans.

With Seichan on the team, it kind of makes for Monk's replacement.

Kawtch, the 3-legged dog? I don't really see a future for him. Unless he gets a bionic limb like Monk had.

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