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What would you be willing to compromise for a "greater good"?
Maureen Maureen Jun 27, 2011 10:44AM
Dr. Swenson tells Marina how she changed once to follow her teacher. Do you think there was a point in her life when she would not have made the compromises she made to advance her research? Also what are you willing to compromise for a greater good?

When I saw this question I thought about how the initial goal of the drug study was a coverup for the greater good of finding a cure for malaria. Dr. Swenson concealed, evaded, misled everyone at the Drug company for the sake of the malaria research. Would I compromise in that same way? NO!!

Interesting question. We know that Dr. Swenson not only made a hero of Martin Rapp, she was involved romantically with him. Marina's obsession (and the blind worship of fellow students for Dr. Swenson) might therefore be a little different. To answer your question, I think it's the Lakashis Marina loves, more than the value of the research. Dr. Swenson may have become involved there first because of her attraction to Dr. Rapp. So compromise and dedication may always be complicated.

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