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What are your favorite books that Shannon Hale wrote?

I loved goose girl and princess academy, but my favorite has got to be book of a thousand days. I think that it's awesome!!!!!

Princess Academy was the only one I read, but it was SO GOOD.
Anyone reading this who hasn't read it, READ IT.

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ALL OF THEM!! I loved all of the books I have read that are by Shannon Hale. She is awesome. I still need to read some.

Enna Burning! The girl can start fire with her mind!

Princess Academy, The Actor and The Housewife, and Austenland are my favorites, but I love everything she writes. She has a way with words that keeps me intrigued!

The Goose Girl was really good...only a little bit slow in the beginning but it gets faster. What I hope is that they will make it into a movie someday maybe that will make it more exciting.


Rapunzel's Revenge is fantastic. During the excitement last year over Tangled I got to thinking this would be an awesome movie.

I am agreeing with your top two. I can't get interested in Goose girl. It really bored me to sleep.

Anna Yeah listen to Meagan, it's really good audiobook but never managed to finish the audio but I did finish the book!! ...more
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deleted user I have a question. This might sound kinda odd but but happens in the end of goose girl. i mean i have it but i dont think thats the ending!
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This one, since it's fabulous and it's the only one I've read by her! I did read a few of the first chapters of Austenland, though.

You need to read Palace of Stone. All of you. Now. I don't care if it's been a long time since you read Princess Academy. I waited six years for that sequel and it's amazing.
I said now!
Thank you and have a nice day.

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The Princess Academy!! And the Bayern books!

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River Secrets!!!! Razo = epic! :D

the only book i have not read by shannon hale is the actor and the house wife but i have loved everyting else hta ti have read that she has written i lover her books especially goose girl

Goose Girl! And then... Book of A Thousand Days!

Goose Girl, or River Secrets, or Forest Born... I can't decide!! Enna Burning was my least favorite in the series, though that doesn't mean I didn't like it!

I have two sons and no daughters, so our home library has become decidedly masculine. My sister-in-law who has four daughters introduced me to Princess Academy and I am hooked on Shannon Hale now! If I were to go back and read any one of her books right now, I think the book I would re-read first would be The Goose Girl. It adds such great detail to the fairy tale.

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Goose girl was my favorite of all favorites!!! Give it another try. It does start slow, but the beginning lays the foundation for all the action later, and there are all of those delicious sequels after that(Enna Burning, etc.). Also (bonus!) it totally makes sense with the original Brothers Grimm story. Actually, it's even a little more believable. You can't beat Goose Girl for intrigue, action, and a good old-fashioned happy ending.

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