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message 1: by Teralyn (new)

Teralyn Pilgrim | 42 comments My New Year's resolution was to read twice as many books as I read last year, regardless of how many it was (I had no idea at the time).

I looked on my Goodreads account and found out I read 22 books. So, 44 books it is!

I feel pretty optomistic about my progress... I went to the HNS conference last week and tried to read as many books by the authors as I could, so I've read 30 out of 44.

Yay me!

How many books did you read 2010, out of curiosity?

message 2: by Cheryl A (new)

Cheryl A | 967 comments I just discovered Goodreads in October 2010, but had kept a handwritten list of titles read since 2004 (all my other lists prior to that crashed and burned when my previous computer died). I've been challenging myself to read at least 100 books a year and read 168 in 2010. I semi-cheat - I work in a library, so I always have a book at hand. I mainly read mysteries and HF, with a fair number of YA as well (those go fast).

If you think "so many books, so little time" is a problem, try being surround by them all day!!!

message 3: by Teralyn (new)

Teralyn Pilgrim | 42 comments I can only imagine! Isn't Goodreads great? I can't tell you how much I love having a list of everything I've read. I hate spending the time on a good book and then forgetting they existed.

I looked on your lists and it seems we have similar taste in books. You and I shall be friends.

message 4: by Becky, Moddess (new)

Becky (beckyofthe19and9) | 3683 comments Mod
In 2010 I read 127 books. This year I had aimed for the same amount initially (well, 125), but then I was getting wayyyyyy ahead, so I upped my goal to 150.

I'm currently a little behind, but I'm not worried, because I know that I will catch up once I'm not reading a huge brick (though I do have quite a few of those coming up too... The 4th and 4th books in the Song of Ice and Fire series, The Way of Kings (over 1000 pages), The Three Musketeers, etc).

I will be participating in a challenge in another group, and my reading list for that one is a total of 101 books. LOL If, IF, I finish, that would bring me to 173 books for the year. Definitely would be a record for me!

message 5: by Stacey (last edited Jul 07, 2011 04:25PM) (new)

Stacey (slkenn79) | 82 comments Teralyn - I joined Goodreads about a year and a half ago and the number of books I read doubled as well! This year I'm shooting to read about 10 more than I read last year.

Cheryl - I have kept a handwritten list since I was in 8th grade (early 90's)! I do love the goodreads feature that tracks for me as well.

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