Storm: To Green Angel Tower, Part 2 (Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, #3: Part 2) Storm discussion

What is this book?

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Tasha I read the entire series and don't recall this being part of it. Can anyone clarify?

Erinn I second this question. The only thing I can think of is that it was printed over seas since I'm having a hard time tracking down the isbn and getting any info on it.

Ruffles The third book was split into two books.

Book 3, part 1.
Book 3, part 2.

It makes it more appealing and easier to read, for me anyway.

The whole thing would make a great movie.

Erinn Do you mean to say that since the first publishings of the hardback and paperbacks, they came back and gave each part it's own name?

Because when this book came out part one was titled "To Green Angel Tower; Part One," part two was titled "To Green Angel Tower: Part Two," and the hardback that was able to have part one and two combined was just titled "To Green Angel Tower." I remember this because I couldn't afford to buy the hardback and had to wait for the mass market editions to come out.

Stephen Logsdon I love a nice thick book, and the first addition Green Angle Tower was a massive 1000+ book with tiny text. It was a good read, and series, but way too big for a movie.

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