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About the Characters. > Anout Jessie(damn I am going to have to make a lot of these)

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Jessie has been a vampire for about 60 years. She is kinda tall. Only a few inches shorter than Kole. She has blue eyes and super long brown hair. Her hair is super long because she was chained to a wall for 20 years by Harris(her ex-boyfriend). She worked for Harris to get her freedom back but turned on him. Now she is being hunted by him. Her powers are to read minds, throw fireballs, and heal

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This is Jessie

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Oh and she weras a graohic tee, jeans or shorts, and her jacket from Leo

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Her brother Tyler is evil and is working for Harris

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you soooooooooo really have to make so much more of theseZ!! lolz.

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I know

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Jess lost her powers. hate Tyler still.

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jessie is basically a mess

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Jaci Olson (juggalette4lyfe) | 6 comments she look kool

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