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PJW (fulhamfan7070) | 203 comments A small shop where people can buy video games

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Also a normal arcade with lots of game machines.

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Allie (pearlrose95) Kiki concentrated on her game, with a crowd of young boys surrounding her. She was only one battleship away from beating the game, a feat never before completed in the arcade, and tension was high as her admirers cheered her on. Grinning manically, she pressed the control one last time, and the ship shattered, the arcade burst into applause as she turned around for a round of high-fives. Checking her watch, she waved goodbye to her friends and trotted outside, still laughing. She had to go study Latin.

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) ((yay kiki!))

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Allie (pearlrose95) ((haha))

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