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message 1: by Tako (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:57PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Tako This book is very interesting. I like the way, the author describes how these children have become racists. The most interesting fact about this book is that, it's based on a true story.

Annemarie Donahue I had read this just a few months ago. We used to teach it at my school, but it's fallen out of style. I sometimes want to bring it back just to get my students talking about whether they think this could happen and then talk about the recent bullying issues that happened in neighboring schools.
It's a great book, scary as hell when you think about. Everybody wants a mission, and everybody wants to feel important, but not enough of us care enough to make sure the mission is honorable.

Debbie Mcarthur I read it years ago. It was a required reading book of my daughters when she was in jr. high and I read it with her. Very good and yes very scary. I think it shud be on required reading lists esp with the bullying that does go on and seems to have gotten so much worse.

Annemarie Donahue Rachel I'm glad you all learned from the book. I want to bring this back, it's such a fast read. How long did the teacher assign the book? Did you read it over night, or over a week?

Vitaly Sergeev Sort of post McCarthyism propaganda!

Kyle The content is facinating, but I did not enjoy the writing style. My class read it with their last teacher and almost every one of them said they hated it, not sure why it was so purely received.

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