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One of the Better Ones?

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Brittany I thought that this book out of all the Louis Duncan books I have read was one of the best ones, anyone agree?

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Pandora I liked it when I read it as a teen but, I was on a Lois Duncan kick and liked all her books.
The one I remember best from when I was a teen was The Daughters of Eve. The ones I have recently read again have been Gift of Magic, Locked in Time, The Third Eye, and Stranger With My Face. I enjoyed them all for different reasons. It would be hard to pick one. What did you like so much about Down a Dark Hall?

Brittany Yeah, I am a teen. LOL. I havent read any of the books you named off except for Stranger With My Face. I also read The Third Eye.
I dont really remeber why I liked it so much (I read it last summer.) I just liked the whole theme of it, how it was kinda spooky i guess. It was really easy for me to picture it happening. I love books that I can pretend I am one of the charaters. Just before I fall asleep, I would think of the book and pretend I was the main charater. HAHAHA, Yeah, I just really enjoyed it. (I would read it right now but I lost it, so i have to go get it from a friend. )

Cheri I love this book its soooo good. :)

Samara I literaly think that Down A Dark Hall was Creeping me out! I started making faces when i read, This boook was like CRAZY SCARY not crazy like your just saying its crazy but like Freakyy Scary seriously Crazy Maniac Scary
But...... I loved it it was soooo awsime
Wow lois duncan rocks, i actully didnt know it was teens im only 12 and i read it when i was 11.

Graystripe16(Back...again) I was home alone, while I was reading this and it kind of started to creep me out. I mean seriously, its just creepy but it was interesting.

Romina Yes, it was the only gothic one written by Lois Duncan, that's probably why it's so scary and spooky. I really liked it too when I read it back in middle school. This is one of my favorite ones of Duncan, the best one in my opinion was The Third Eye by Lois Duncan , followed by this one, followed by Don't Look Behind You by Lois Duncan .

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