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does david relise what he's handling?

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Camille David is completely oblivious to his surroundings.Does he know what he's handling?

Brie he probably doesn't.

Kristin i think around the middle he does but in the begging he just thinks the dragons are just clay nicknacks and the Pennykettles are wackos.

Aoghdan Potter XD i dont think so not till later........>.>

Gleb Probably not, I mean, If I were him, I would probably react the same way. A bunch of random, clay dragons, stories, and mystirious people. I t doesn't seem normal.

Aoghdan Potter yea i mean why wouldnt he react that way hearing all this and seeing.

Chloe I think he has an idea about what is happening, but it probably seems just so surreal and crazy and impossible, he is confused and the way he copes with this is by simply believing that the Pennykettle's are maybe a little crazy and there's no such thing as dragons and clay that comes to life.

♥Booknerdswift♥ No because when he sees what happens in the book and in real life, he thinks its just a coincedence. :)

David kind of because he didn't know the dragons were real but he could picture gadzooks writing stuff.

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