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The Histories by Herodotus is a work which discusses lands, nature, war, memorable deeds and human achievements and peoples. It is a study of Herodotus' view of the Greek world; he investigates and observes the lives, the ways and beliefs of the peoples with whom the Greeks and Persians came in contact with. He wishes he said to preserve a record of human achievement in his time.

Who was Herodotus?

Herodotus was a Greek historian living in Ionia during the fifth century BC. He was a traveler (extensive and far reaching) through the Mediterranean, Black Sea and the lands surrounding these bodies of water. It is said that Cicero called him the "father of history" and his reputation is built upon this single work. The Histories is considered to be the first piece of historical writing in Western civilization.

The themes discuss and encompass the responsibilities and role of freedom, role of religion, human costs of war, dangers of power.

The discussion will begin September 4th due to Labor Day and the transition from one board to another. The dates have been extended through December 21st. We will be stopped for Christmas holiday and New Years (most likely giving folks some breathing room and a couple of weeks to catch up starting the next selection after Herodotus on Monday, January 19th).

There are Nine Books in this work and in a sample edition there were 603 pages not including any supplemental material. This work is readily available online and at the library. Additionally, one can purchase this work from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or other book sellers. It is also readily available at no cost. The paperback Classics edition (B&N) has very small print. Be careful to verify that the print in whatever edition or translation you choose fits your style and any limitations that you might have.

Jason previously recommended The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories. This is a hardcover and can be acquired for home delivery if you order it in the B&N store for $36.00 (free delivery). If you have a B&N discount membership card, you can acquire it for even less of an investment. This translation is by Andrea L. Purvis and was ten years in the making. It is illustrated, annotated, filled with maps and includes an introduction by Rosalind Thomas with twenty-one appendices written by top scholars. There are many peripheral topics discussed in this the rolls royce edition: "Athenian government, Egypt, Scythia, Persian arms and tactics, the Spartan state, oracles, religion, tyranny and women.

" No one is fool enough to choose war instead of peace - in peace sons bury fathers, but in war fathers bury sons."

- The Histories by Herodotus

September 4 - September 21 ~~ Book One - Sections 1 - 110 (I. 1-110)
September 22 - September 28 ~~ Book One - Sections 111 - 216 (I. 111-216)
September 29 – October 5 ~~ Book Two - Sections 1 - 106 (II. 1-106)

October 6 – October 12 ~~ Book Two - Sections 107 - 182 (II. 107-182)
October 13 - October 19~~ Book Three - Sections 1 - 77 (III. 1-77)
October 20 - October 26 ~~ Book Three - Sections 78 - 160 (III. 78-160)
October 27 – November 2 ~~ Book Four - Sections 1 - 105 (IV. 1-105)

November 3 – November 9 ~~ Book Four - Sections 106 - 205 (IV. 106-205)
November 9 - November 16 ~~ Book Five - Sections 1 - 126 (V. 1-126)
November 17 - November 23 ~~Book Six - Sections 1 - 140 (VI. 1-140)
November 24 - November 30~~Book Seven - Sections 1 - 105 (VII. 1-105)

December 1 – December 7 - November 23 ~~Book Seven - Sections 106 - 239 (VII. 106-239)
December 8 – December 14 ~~Book Eight - Sections 1 - 144 (VIII. 1-144)
December 15 - December 21 ~~Book Nine - Sections 1 - 122 (IX. 1-122)


BOOK TWO - PAGES 95 - 170
BOOK THREE - PAGES 170 - 240
BOOK FOUR - PAGES 240 - 311
BOOK FIVE - PAGES 311 - 360
BOOK SIX - PAGES 360 - 413
BOOK SEVEN - 413 - 501
BOOK EIGHT - 501 - 554
BOOK NINE - 554 - 603

We welcome our small group. If any of you know of readers interested in History or non-fiction books and who would also be good group members who would contribute rather than detract from the conversations, please feel free to notify Bentley or Oldesq and we can send them an invite.

All participants can take it at any pace that pleases you, but the above is a schedule for when we plan to open the links. Page numbers will vary from one publisher or edition to another; the Books and sections will most likely remain the same. We plan to accomplish about 50 pages per week to allow everyone to have time and to be able to participate. Because of the transition and vacations and tons of other reasons, we have extended the timelines in the syllabus.

THE HISTORIES is readily available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book seller locations. This discussion will start September 4th and will continue through the week ending Sunday, December 21st, a period of fifteen (15) weeks or approximately four months.



The Histories

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Bentley | 44207 comments Mod
Welcome all members. It is a daunting task to get this up and running; but we are off to a start. Oldesq and I will be co-moderating once again.

The start dates have been extended so that folks can get caught up with the reading.

Don't worry as you can see from the above; we have extended the timeframe for the first 50 pages and first half of Book One. This is probably the toughest section in a way because it is a blending of mythology and allegedly rationalized reporting. There is a great deal of blurring of the two.

However, I think this will be a fascinating read and we have four months to get it done.

Thank you for being here and joining us in this process of learning from each other.


Note: The syllabus thread is for informational purposes only.

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