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Corny & Luis

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message 1: by Kahlan (new)

Kahlan (Kahlan_Aisling) | 5 comments Hello, Holly (can I call you Holly?),

I love all of your characters and books, and as an aspiring writer you are my idol. But that's enough of that; I'm sure you get told that all the time. I actually had questions about The Modern Faerie Tales:

Since you've mentioned that Tithe was meant to be a singular book, I was wondering -- did you intend for Luis to be in it from the beginning? Or did he randomly show up? (And on that note, was he supposed to end up with Corny?)

Also, my best friend (who doesn't have an account on here) wanted to know two things: 1) did Luis still kiss Corny after Roiben glamoured him, and 2) does Corny continue to dye his hair black, or is that just a one-time thing? (Rather curious as to those myself... :)

Oh, and I officially hate you for ending RED GLOVE like you did. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of BLACK HEART.



message 2: by Holly (new)

Holly Black (HollyBlack) | 77 comments Mod
When I wrote TITHE, I thought I was going to be done with those characters, but shortly after, I got the idea for IRONSIDE. My editor wanted me to write another stand-alone, which turned into VALIANT. Since I knew IRONSIDE was coming, I was hoping that one of the characters in VALIANT would make a good boyfriend for Corny.

About halfway through, I realized Luis was perfect. Of course, getting those two prickly, defensive boys together was really difficult!

I was trying to figure out how to answer your friend's first question, but I'm not sure when we're talking about. Does she mean in the short story?

In answer to the second question, I imagine that he does keep dyeing his hair. I like to think he's generally trying to step up his game. :D

And, finally, regarding the ending of RED GLOVE: Muahahahaha! That said, you will be happy to know that BLACK HEART doesn't end on an emotional cliffhanger like the previous two books.

message 3: by Kahlan (new)

Kahlan (Kahlan_Aisling) | 5 comments Thanks for the behind-the-scenes info, I love getting that kind of stuff from writers.

She says that yes, she does mean in the short story. I haven't actually read it so I barely know what I'm talking about here. I can't find a copy at my library, 'tis incredibly frustrating.

That certainly sounds like Corny. :D

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