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Favorite book of all time
KarleeS Smith KarleeS May 09, 2011 11:43AM
What is your favorite book of all time and why?
Mine definitely has to be The Outsiders because there was never a dull moment and it was a great read. I also loved all the characters.

This is probably my favorite book of all time. I had to read it for school and I fell in love with it. It even made me cry. :'(

I'm so thank full that I had to read Outsiders as part of the English curriculum.

From page one I became a fan of all S.E.Hinton's books, but it was The Outsiders that convinced me to write In Times of Violence. Five books in and I owe it all to Hinton.

The film was awesome. I love that they used a lot of the same actors in the rest of the movies based on her books.

I had to read this book in school and almost everyone in my grade finished it the first day, even the kids that hated reading. Amazing book.

Times may change, but emotions and motivations don't. The Outsiders is timelessly good.

BEST BOOK EVER! Ponyboy reminds me so much of me.

This book changed my life, the way I think, act, write, and dream. I read it in school, too, but my sister was going to give me a copy anyhow. I love it!

S.E Hinton is brilliant! She was, to my understanding, the first to actively write to the 14-18 year olds, which we now often times label as Young Adults.

I am in love with Ponyboy forever and always. I love Dally, too!

This is my favorite book, we had to read it in middle school and I read the whole book in a weekend. It has such great characters and such a griping storyline. Love it!!

I would have to say this ties with Fallen Angels as my favorite book. I have read both many times and still enjoy them the same as I did the first time through.

yeh great book, it is so sad when johnny and dally die especially dally cause he is like tortured about johnny being dead. i also thought it was sad when at the end you find out that ponyboy wrote the 'book' as his school assignment

oh my gosh i cried my eyes out when jhonnny and dally died! Sodapop is the boy version of me ! xD I just gotta say that this book is the most wonderfull book ever i cant wait to get get the movie!!!

deleted member Jul 15, 2011 07:43PM   0 votes
LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! Some people in my class didnt and i was like: are you crazy!? Anyway AMAZING! THANKS MS BOWEN FOR MAKING IT THE BOOK FOR THE READING GROUP!

XD!!! so amazing im taking a test over it though.... :(

outsiders is the Best!

Yeah, favorite book. Hands so far down, they are on the ground.

Stay Golden. This book changed me for the better. It will forever have a special place in my heart.

I absolutely LOVED The Outsiders! Loved all the characters in the book too! but it was sad when johnny and dally died in the end :(

Favorite of all time- The outsiders...hands down.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY ive read it like a million times. The story is full of hope and yet soo tragic i love it I love the characters so much mostly sodapop johnny and ponyboy

I love The Outsiders. Absolutely amazing book. My favorite characters are Pony ad Johnny. When we were first assigned to read this, I thought, 'Oh, I'm going to HATE this!' But wow. It changed my perspective on life.

I read this twice my Freshman year of High School in the time it took everyone to read it once. It is a masterpiece and shows what teens can really do (the author was a teen when she wrote the novel)! At the end of the novel the first time through i literally wept. It really got to me.*
*nothing ever gets to me

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