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[edit] The Sebald code
The Sebald code is first mentioned in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, attributed to Dr. Gustav Sebald, and was usually used to communicate messages through Dr. Sebald's movies. When a ringing sound is heard (or occasionally ringing just has to be mentioned), the code is activated. The first word after the ring is in code, then every 10th word is in code. When the ringing is heard again, the code ends. A typical scene from a film might go like this:

(Doorbell rings)

Gertrude: This is a very pleasant surprise! Please come in, Bob!

Bob: How is Ebenezer?

Gertrude: He is very ill. I have to give him an injection every hour.

Bob: That's a shame. He once was an example of good health.

Gertrude: For comfort he looks at old photos of when he was healthier. I took him to see Dr. Sebald, but it seemed as if he was just talking in code.

(Alarm clock rings)

Gertrude: He must need another pill. Coming, Ebenezer!

(All leave)

In this case, the hidden message is "This is an example of Sebald code". The code relies on the actors speaking the words perfectly, and on the viewer being able to notice the scene. In The Unauthorized Autobiography, the movie Zombies in the Snow, Werewolves in the Rain, and wedding invitations from the Vineyard of Fragrant Drapes feature the Sebald code, although the only instance in the main series is on page 67 of The Penultimate Peril. Either Frank or Ernest used it when speaking to the Baudelaires. The message was "I can't tell if you are associates or enemies. Please respond". Though this message was suspected to be "I can't tell if you are in or enemies. Please respond", a number within one of the sentences needs to be skipped rather than counted as a word to get the correct message.

The Nameless Novel, a promotional website for Book the Twelfth of the series, presented an excerpt from the Sebald movie Ants in the Fruit Salad that used the Sebald code.

In The Reptile Room, Uncle Monty's death could be attributed to the fact that he never learned Sebald code, as Lemony Snicket claims. In the novel, Dr. Montgomery watched the Sebald movie Zombies in the Snow, which warned him that his new assistant was a traitor, but it is suggested that Uncle Monty did not understand the code. Sebald himself is presumed dead, and his estate is being handled by his sister, Sally Sebald. Doctor Montgomery Montgomery was killed by Count Olaf.

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Gunjari (irajnug) woah! that is soooo cool!!!!
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Yeah , they're soooo cool! I love the V.F.D. codes!

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Prajit (pram) | 22 comments wow... i like these codes... really fun

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