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Mouseover details don't show author

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Petra: all work & no play makes you poor.On hiatus (petra-x) Ever since I read that Dorling Kindersley books needed work, I thought I would have a go as I have a lot of knowledge of this company. Its a long (but fun) task and quite pernickety as so many books seem identical but, for some of the titles, each reprint has a different author. Sorting them out is easier with the new separate tool and would be even easier if the mouseover which showed the details also showed the author. It doesn't so I have to open each book's edit screen from the general combine books screen to see if there was an author attributed or not. Would it be possible to have the mouseover details include the author, please?

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When you say each reprint has a different author, do you mean a different secondary author? Or are there books combined that have different primary authors (which in general should not be happening)?

Petra: all work & no play makes you poor.On hiatus (petra-x) Sometimes Dorling Kindersley reprints the same title every few years and some of these titles have been combined although the authors (or editors, which in Dorling Kindersley's company can be an interchangeable term) are no longer the same. To confuse matters even more, even if the authors/editors are different, the book can be so essentially the same that there is no point in keeping them as separate editions. For example, a travel book may be updated over a period of years by two or three different authors, but when you actually examine the books, the differences are so small as to be academic. I stock a lot of Dorling Kindersley books in my bookshop and I have to be very careful that a new edition is actually different enough to be worth spending money on.

I have tried to be as accurate as I can when combining DK books, but as I work through them, I find further data which makes me realise I have made misjudgements so its probably mostly my own mistakes I'm correcting!

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Ah, gotcha.

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