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message 1: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Firestar, in my opinion, can be a bit arrogant. But I heard *********SPOILERS*************URGENT**********

I heard that in Omen of the Stars Book 6, Firestar might DIE!

What do you think of this? Please comment.

Emily- The Ultimate Wolf Lover (Rosedapple) Heh Heh hes not dead :P

message 3: by Call~Me~Rose (new)

Call~Me~Rose (OswaldsLostinWasteland) not yet anyways.

Emily- The Ultimate Wolf Lover (Rosedapple) I hope he does soon. Brambleclaw needs his leadership turn and i think Lionblaze will be deputy after

message 5: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Hmm, I think Lionblaze is an obvious choice, so knowing "Erin"/Victoria she won't give it to him, or put a twist on it. . .

Awesomely Random the Bestest D-Con | 22 comments Hate Firestar. Absolutely hate him. He's like Erin Hunter's own little Gary-Stu that they coddle and play favouritism towards.

Anyway... haha ^.^' I don't want Lionblaze to be Deputy, either. Nor Graystripe. I want it to be someone completely unpredictable; someone who no one will see coming, but is still a good choice anyway. ;D

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