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This is just a plain Jane outside pool with sunbeds and umbrellas surrounding. Theres also an ice cream and cold drinks stand.

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Allie (pearlrose95) "Dillon, will you get me an ice cream puhlllleeaaaazzeeee?" Charlotte begged her cousin sweetly, fluttering her lashes as she reclined in a chair.
Dillon grunted. "Why don't you get it yourself?" he suggested.
"Because." she explained. He waited for her to say more but she didn't so he sighed and got up.
"Fine." Dillon grumbled.
"Love you."
"You better."

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Lotus ran into the changing rooms and got into a blue bikini,she tied her hair up into a pony tail, pulled on her denim shorts,put on her flip-flops and walked out.She took a sunbed, lay on it, dumping her bag beside her. She put on her huge sunglasses and sighed happily.

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Allie (pearlrose95) ((llalalala?))

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(sorry lol)

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Allie (pearlrose95) ((k))
"Hi Lotus!" Charlotte said with a smile, pushing her oversized Gucci sunglasses into her black hair as she sat up, reaching for some sun screen.

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(ok! :) )

Lotus took off her sunglasses "Hey Lottie! whats up? Im so glad to get rid of Lay for a few hours, hes sooo clingy." She said lying, trying to be cool

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Allie (pearlrose95) Charlotte opened her mouth to answer, but just then Dillon stomped back, holding out a mint chocolate chip ice cream. "Thank you." she said sweetly. He grunted. "Hey Lotus." he said. "Where's Layton?"
Charlotte slapped his arm. "Don't be rude." In a stage whisper she added, "Talking about clingy. Dil's just had to follow me here, again."
Dillon rolled his eyes. "What else was I supposed to do? Johnny didn't answer the phone." but Charlotte just ignored him.

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Lotus smiled and laughed politely "Layton is...floating round somewhere.Ill call him over here if you want?" she answered Dillon, taking her cell out.

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Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) Bella Rose had dropped Kyle off at home and now was at the pool. She sat on the lounge chair, letting the sun tan her skin.

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Allie (pearlrose95) "Sure." Dillon nodded, before turning and cannonballing into the pool, overturning a few floaters and splashing some pretty girls sitting on the edges, making the squeal, much to his amusement. Charlotte covered her face with her hands, keeping herself from getting drenched. "Wait until I'm in my bathing suit." she complained, pulling her Ralph Lauren turqoise blue cover-up tunic that matched her eyes off.

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) Bella Rose walked over to Charlotte, "Hey Charlotte! Cannon-ball?" she prepared to jump.

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Allie (pearlrose95) Charlotte laughed. "Sure!" quietly, she murmured, "Make sure to really splash Dillon." She pulled her hair into a high pony tail and raced toward the pool.

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Just Plain Ray (Ray_of_Sunshine) | 2879 comments Mod
Rayana walked around town and saw a public swimming pool. She decided to go get a tan. She saw Lotus and waved to her.

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Lotus watched Charlotte and Bella and sighed.She called her twin and he said hes coming straight over.

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) Bella Rose squeeled and flew in laughing all the way. A giant wave crashed over Dillon

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Lotus looked up and waved back at Rayana.

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C'est Moi ♪ Nathan sat on the edge of the pool, his blue eyes strangely darker than usual as he stared at the sky in thought.

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Layton sighed and walked in.He ran by Rayana and sat by his sister.

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Allie (pearlrose95) "Ugh!" Dillon groaned as the two girls sent him tumbling back into the water with a huge wave. "Not fair." he muttered coming out, blowing water out his nose, though he grinned and his neon eyes danced wickedly.

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Rayana saw an emo kid pass by her and sit next to Lotus. She walked over to them and sat in the beach chair next to them.

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) "You were asking for it," Bella laughed. She splashed him and ducked under the water.

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Rayana tried not to get wet as she saw many people splashing around the pool.
"Hey." she said to Lotus.

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"Why am I here?" Layton whispered angrily.He grinned at Dillon.
"Dont be angry just because your girlfriend didnt have time to talk to you." she replied calmly and loudly, so everyone could hear.
Layton gave his sister a dirty look "Shes not my girlfriend! and how do you know..oh yeh." he said remembering she could read minds.
Lotus rolled her eyes.

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Allie (pearlrose95) Sarah came into the pool to see a wave crash into Dillon, and laughed out loud, sitting down on a chair. She wore a two-piece red tankini, which made her dark skin stand out and flattered her body nicely. Who cared that it was from Goodwill?

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"Hey Rayana! Do you know Layton?" Lotus asked gesturing to him.

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C'est Moi ♪ Nathan shook water out of his dark brown hair, suddenly jerked back to reality. He stepped out of the way as a group of teenagers ran by, shouting and laughing.

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Allie (pearlrose95) Dillon grinned and waved back at Layton. "You are so dead." he threatened, crossing to Bella Rose in a few strong strokes and battering her with splashes as soon as she popped out of the water.

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Rayana watched the dispute with interest between Lotus and the emo kid.

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) "Hey Nathan!" Bella Rose swam to the side of the pool as she saw him, "How are you?"

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(Dillon grinned and waved back at Dillon? lol)

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"haven't met. I'm rayana." I said smiling.

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) "EEk!" she screemed and splashed dillon a few times, "Give me sec please."

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(No dont thet her know there related lol)

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Soumya Lici got to the pool. There were tons of people. She found a chair, put her bag down and took her clothes off. She shoved them into the bag and went into the pool.

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C'est Moi ♪ "Hey," Nathan greeted Bella Rose, sitting down again and crossing his legs as he threw his black jacket on a chair. "I'm doing pretty okay. How about you?" He ducked as someone from the pool launched a beach ball to someone in his direction.

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(k. i changed it.)

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) "Great," Bella Rose answered, "You coming in? The water's great."

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Allie (pearlrose95) ((oops!))
Dillon pouted. "Fine. Hi Nathan." He dove back under the water, grabbing Charlotte's ankle as he swam by, making her scream. He popped up right in front of Sarah, making her jump. "Hi!" he said with a smile.
She couldn't help but smile back. "God you scared me."
"I know." he said smugly.

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Layton nodded "Hey Rayana." he muttered boredly.
Lotus rolled her eyes "Hes my twin unfortunately." she whispered loudly to Rayana.
Layton sighed and went to get a chair, he grinned at Sarah and pulled a chair back over to his sister and Rayana.

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Soumya Lici swam around the pool.

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) Bella Rose watched Dillon swim away. She would get him back, soon.

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"You don't seem very happy today. What's got you down?" she asked Layton cheerfully
I know what's got me down, though she muttered to herself

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Soumya After a while Lici got out of the pool and went to her chair and sat down.

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C'est Moi ♪ Nathan laughed, shaking his head. "Fine, fine," he said, rolling his eyes, silently sliding into the water and splashing the others from behind.

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Allie (pearlrose95) "Aren't you coming in?" Dillon asked. "You're not just going to sit there looking pretty are you? If you do I might not be able to stay in here." he propped his elbows on the side.
Sarah giggled. "I'm coming in, don't worry." she said, getting to her feet and running directly toward him, loving the look of shock in his eyes as she pushed off and arched into a dive over him and landing neatly into the pool.

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"Uh nothing." Layton replied glancing at Lici.
Lotus grinned "Is that her?" she asked staring at Lici.

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Rayana decided to leave. Her tanned skin didn't need to be tanned any longer. She started to get up.

Felicity/Rosestar (felicity) "Yay!" Bella Rose pretended to cheer, "Now it's a party!" She swam to the others beside Nathan.

That was when the pain left. She had been hurting for a while now, for Jale. She was over him. There was a better guy in her life. One she could trust and admire. One she actually knew and liked. Not to mention he wasn't that bad looking either.

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