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Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1071 comments Mod
Thanks, A.L.

message 2: by Peggy (new)

Peggy (peggyullmanbell) A.L. have you considered having your kids find some native soapweed? Also, pioneers used cornmeal as a dry shampoo in cold weather. Works good on dogs too. It's easy to brush out and it take excess oil with it which soda will not.

As for the sword issue, try a fanny pack instead of a purse for a few months. Set that on your hip for the feel of weight a sword might give you. Unfortunately a fanny pack on the hip won't let you get the feel of a scabbard banging your knee during fast turns. {}:>)


message 3: by A.rhubarb (new)

A.rhubarb | 2 comments Hi. Imagine if you must trying on the poet's garb. It would be difficult to touch the face of God literally to get a feeling for it. I am a bit of a post-modernist however I know where the point of diminishing return is. Anyway don't underestimate the power of the imagination. Good luck with the sword thing.

message 4: by Ilyn (last edited Aug 23, 2008 10:34AM) (new)

Ilyn Ross (ilyn_ross) | 1071 comments Mod
Hello A.L., Peggy, A.rhubarb, and everyone.

I had to act out some scenes while writing Reason Reigns, like this one:

She pocketed the box cutter and took out her flashlight. She inched her way to the foot of the stairs, careful not to make a sound and not to step on the corn sack. She reached the stairs, ascended each step with resolve, and readied the flashlight. She kept to the stair wall on a crouch. Her heart raced. She summoned her courage as she reached the last step before the landing. She held the gun tightly.

Alisa stuck her head, turned on the flashlight, and instinctively jumped back to the safety of the wall while her mind took in what she saw. “He’s gone!” She looked again.

Kudos and many thanks to the Internet - it makes research much easier.

My admiration of Henry Ford increased when I researched the auto-plow in Reason Reigns. I knew, then, only of his Model T cars and trucks. I found this:

"From the first Fordson in 1917 through the latest and most modern Ford tractors of Fiat Agri, the Ford farm tractors held an important role in changing the way agriculture and other work was conducted.

The Ford tractors were not the first such machines, and not always the best such machines, but they were the first to be produced on a massive scale and the first farm tractors to be affordable by average farmers and rural citizens.

Henry Ford believed that his tractors were the key to eliminating war and improving the human condition, and perhaps in the end he was partially correct. The Ford tractors have provided food enough for the population of the world to grow exponentially and have improved the standards of living beyond anything that could have been imagined in 1917.

In the final analysis his farm tractors did indeed change the world. ..."

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