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message 1: by Fawn (new)

Fawn | 404 comments Spoiler if you haven't read Echo:

I am on Page 419 (or abouts somewhere around there)
Ian is talking to Emily's son. He tells Ian that Tewaktenyonh said the he was the child of Ian's spirit, but that he should not tell his father. And then asks Ian "Will I be with you, sometime?" And Ian says "If I live."
Is this left for us to speculate or does it become clear later in the book? I don't really want a spoiler I just was wondering if it is left for us to wonder as we have been doing about the ghost of Jaimie. If it's left for us to speculate what are your thoughts on this?

message 2: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 322 comments I didn't think of the ghost angle. I was wondering about the is this his actual son or his spiritual son. Most readers thought it was his actual son.

message 3: by Fawn (new)

Fawn | 404 comments Carolyn,That what I was thinking while I was reading it. I wonder was Emily Pregnant when Ian left? Then I am thinking he didn't have to leave, but glad he was back with Jamie & Claire.Or could Emily have left with Ian, but I don't think at the time he was thinking of leaving, but was told to. Now at this point thinking it is a parallel that Ian has with Jamie regarding Jaimie leaving William for Williams sake. lol all I know is after reading this part in the book my head has been spinning with scenarios!I know I should just be enjoying the read, but can't help myself!

message 4: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 322 comments I know, the story just goes through all of these people and somehow all of their stories intersect and chance encounters have huge impacts later in the story so something you think is trivial actually will be pivotal later. You're right about the head spinning Fawn.

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