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Question: Would your two characters ever meet?

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message 1: by Beth (new)

Beth | 216 comments Mod
Shelia asked: "Do you imagine your series' characters inhabiting the same world? Could they ever meet?"

They COULD meet, since they both live in the state of Colorado, but I don't think Claire Hanover, gift basket designer, and Mandy Tanner, river ranger, would be friends. Claire is a 47-year-old, married housewife with two grown children and a part-time gift basket designer business who lives in Colorado Springs. Mandy Tanner is s 27-year-old single woman with a boyfriend who lives in Salida and patrols the upper Arkansas River. Claire drinks wine, Mandy drinks beer. Claire is comfortably upper middle class, while Mandy is barely scraping by. And so on.

Mandy is more likely to have something in common with one of Claire's children, who are just a few years younger than her. The only way I could think of that Claire and Mandy would meet is if someone convinced Claire to take a whitewater rafting trip (not very likely!) and she wound up in the water needing rescue.

I deliberately made Claire and Mandy very different from each other so I would have variety when moving back and forth between writing books in the two series. And I have no plans for one to make a guest appearance in one of the other's books--yet! ;-)

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen (karenvwrites) | 4 comments If they did meet it could be that claire gets invited to holiday in Mandys neck of the woods. Seeing as they are so different could add some conflict to the story.

message 3: by Beth (new)

Beth | 216 comments Mod
Yes, Karen, I can see there being some conflict between the two, and I'm not sure which side I'd root for! ;-)

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