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message 1: by Dawdler (new)

Dawdler (dawdler612) | 36 comments Sometimes I have a question or two and I figure this may help others and hopefully people that are more experienced here at GR can help out,I'm still new to some of the workings around here. :)

my dumb question is how do I get book covers posted on discussion threads, it.
looks cool and I have no idea how to do that.

so thank you for any help

message 2: by MrsJoseph *grouchy*, Resident Book Pusher (new)

MrsJoseph *grouchy* (mrsjoseph) | 3289 comments If you click on the "add book/author" link about the text box there should be two options at the very bottom: link and cover. Choose cover and then serach for your book. The Blade Itself (The First Law, #1) by Joe Abercrombie

message 3: by Dawdler (new)

Dawdler (dawdler612) | 36 comments I appreciate the help, thank you MrsJoseph

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