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message 1: by Ms. Walsh (new)

Ms. Walsh (mswalsh) | 44 comments Mod
At the end of chapter 1, Tim overhears Father crying. What are some of the reasons that Father is crying? Write a full paragraph, in complete sentences.

message 2: by Kendra (new)

Kendra | 4 comments A few reasons Father maybe crying is because Tim is growing up fast and he doesn't want him to see Tim or Sam to get hurt. Father also can be worried about what Tim may do to himself while fighting the war.

message 3: by Alexus (new)

Alexus | 4 comments Tim father was crying because his son Sam is telling him that he is going to the war but he is trying to tell him that he does not what to see any one tell him or bring his son home died he care and he is telling him that he is not going and he is not having the gun and that is why Tim heard his father crying downstairs.

message 4: by Danasia (new)

Danasia Martin | 8 comments In the end of chapter 1 the father is crying because his children is growing up. Sam is trying to leave home again to go to war.But Sam's father doesn't want him to leave home and be brought back dead. His father told him that he's been in the war before and he doesn't want his kids to feel the pain he went threw.

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