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Boots (rubberboots) | 499 comments I only just started reading Sword & Citadel yesterday and I'm already glad I decided to finish the series. I'm sixty something pages into it and already I've had some clarification on things left unresolved from the first book. Anyway I just thought I'd mention that it's so far so good to anyone who isn't sure about finishing the series.

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Jared (jared_king) | 51 comments The storytelling in Sword of the Lictor seems to have improved IMO.

Josh (firequake) | 30 comments I have decided to finish the series, as it's very unlikely I would remember to pick it back up later. I'm glad I did. I'm not quite halfway through Sword of the Lictor, but have found it much better than either of the previous two. Now that we have a pretty solid understanding of the setting, and a rough idea of what his geographic location is, it seems to have become a much more interesting book for me.

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