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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Book about an actress that was in a house fire as a child and pushed down the stairs [s]

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments I read this a long time ago and have been trying to find it for the last couple years. I believe the main character is an actress and her parents died in a housefire when she was a little girl. She was pushed by someone down the stairs and found at the bottom like a broken doll. As an adult she has an Uncle or Gardian that was friends with her parents and she went back to the house, I think to live, and try to remember what happened. Not trying to ruin the book but as I recall it was the Uncle/Gardian that had killed her parents and pushed her down the stairs. I even think the title was something like "broken doll" but I can't find anything online like it. Any ideas? Possibly a romance book?

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Kit★ (xkittyxlzt) | 138 comments Kind of sounds like something I might've read by V. C. Andrews as a kid maybe. Sounds like it'd be an interesting book, hope you find it :)

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments Oh how I wish it was V.C. Andrews! But no, I used to own all her books (when it was actually her writing them) but though the storyline is similar to My Sweet Audrina, that is not the book I am looking for. Thanks for making me double check tho! :)

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments Still looking for this book. Could have sworn it was called Broken Doll? But not able to find anything using key words and Google search.

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Lindig | 51 comments Hmmm. There's a Nora Roberts book about a young woman who had a trauma as a child and now that she's an adult, she's beginning to remember (sort of) and is the focus of the killer again. She spends a lot of time in the Washington state forest. Can't remember the title, though; sorry.

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments I just looked through Nora Roberts book list and short descriptions but I didn't see anything that looked familier, and none of the titles rang any bells :( But thank you for the suggestion because she was one of the authors I was looking for thinking she wrote the other book I was looking for but I couldn't think of her name for some reason. So close and yet so far. Thank you though.

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Lobstergirl | 38268 comments Mod
There's The Broken Doll A Father Shanley - Stanley Golden Mystery by Jack Webb (1956), and The House of Broken Dolls by Dorothy Daniels (1972).

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments Nope not either of those :( But thank you. Another thing I remember is the cover there was a rag doll like raggedy ann at the bottom of a staircase. Another part I remembered in the book was that when she was little in the hospital someone brought her a doll and had drawn on it so it had the same injuries as the girl which is why I think the book was called Broken Doll.

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Sue Elleker | 783 comments The Nora Roberts book is "River's End"

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments It sounds so similar to the story I am looking for, and now I am interested in reading it for sure, but it isn't the book I am looking for. I read the book between 93 - 97 and River's End wasn't published till 2003.

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Rebecca (liralin) | 197 comments Actually, it looks like this was published originally at least as early as 1999. I don't know if there's any possibility that you read it just a couple of years later -- maybe this is still too late of a publication date. But it's definitely closer in time frame than it first appears.

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CLM | 302 comments Maybe it's a different Nora Roberts? Public Secrets ('90 pub) has a similar plot.

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments Definately not Public Secrets. Right now I am reading River's End and it is really similar, but it isn't fitting some of the things I remember. But I am only like 50 pages in, so I will keep reading. I really really think it was called Broken Doll. I remember the cover having a raggedy anne type doll on it.

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments bump

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Kate | 10 comments Have you tried Mary Higgins Clark?

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Diana Welsch | 529 comments There's a book called Broken Dolls by someone named Von Amon, but I can't find out anything about it.

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Pharmrgrl | 10 comments Maybe you should try Phyllis Whitney's books. This sounds vaguely familiar to me, I wish I could give a title.

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MJ | 37 comments Was this a Ya or Historical novel?

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Wigs (wigsnatcher) | 17 comments I know you didn't mean this book but Invisible Monsters has a similar plot if you're in the mood for that kind of story. Model with only half a face she lost in an accident, starts with a house fire (though she didn't lose her face in the fire), involves people that she loves scheming against her, etc.

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The Elusive (fridelain) | 65 comments A long shot, but maybe Final Cut?

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Diana Welsch | 529 comments How about The Broken Doll by Artur Kent? I can't find much about it, but click to look at the cover image. It looks promising.

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Samantha Glasser That kind of reminds me of Raintree County...

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments Sorry you guys, thanks for trying but no luck on any of those titles. I am still looking.

Themis-Athena (Lioness at Large) (themis-athena) | 71 comments Hmm. There are several other books with the words "broken doll" in the title, but none seems to match the description you give.
Broken Doll
Like a Broken Doll
Broken Doll
Broken Doll
The Broken Doll
The Broken Doll With CD
Confessions of a Broken Doll
The Broken Doll: A story of unrequited love
La muneca rota / The Broken Doll: Un Cuento Sobre Frida Kahlo / A Story About Frida Kahlo

Searching not by title but by key words, The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton keeps coming up. At closer inspection, that looks like a longish shot, too, though ... :(

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments Yes, I keep coming up with that same list when I look by title. And the Secret Keeper is definitely not it, as it is set in modern times, I would even go so far as to say the 90's. I am normally very good with titles and have already managed to find 2 books that the system keep implying didn't exist, I am really feeling it is more a lack of record of books with that title more than me forgetting the title. But it is possible that I did :( I just really want to find the book again.

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Jai | 61 comments There's a murder mystery along this line that's tickling my memory ... it will surface eventually. But it had PNR/UF overtones, something ghostly, I think. And I'm pretty sure it's part of a series, too.

Perhaps looking in this direction could help?

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments bump

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Cheyanne (cheytongs) | 29 comments Ok I can't believe it, but I found it!! It is actually Stillwatch by Mary Higgens Clark. I don't know why I didn't find it when I went through her books earlier, but I think it was because the description didn't match up with what I remembered and I was only able to find it by reading the reveiews. Thank you everyone so much for your help!!!

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