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Question: Which protagonist do you like best?

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message 1: by Beth (new)

Beth | 216 comments Mod
A. F. asked: "Since you are now a multi-series author, I have to ask: Which protagonist do you like best?"

Now that's unfair! It's like asking a mother which of her children she loves the most. ;-) The answer, of course, is that I love them both equally, even though they're very different and have different needs.

There's a bit of myself in both Claire Hanover and Mandy Tanner. Mandy, being 27, is more like the way I was in my twenties when I was single and plying the whitewater rivers back east in my open-boat canoe stuffed full of floatation. Claire, being 47, is more like the way I am these days, happily married to a great man and with two grown children. They aren't me, though. I've given both characters personality traits and histories that are different than my own. I know them both so well now that I think of them as almost real people. And I love them both. I so want them to be happy, but for the sake of the stories, I keep having to put them in danger/trouble!

message 2: by Sheila (new)

Sheila | 21 comments Perhaps they're putting themselves in danger and leaving you to chronicle it. I like the way you treat them as real people--probably helps them read like real people too.

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Beth | 216 comments Mod
I like the way you think, Sheila. :) I think Claire in particular likes to poke her nose in places it doesn't belong, while Mandy's job will place her in danger just because of the nature of her work.

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