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Tien (tiensblurb) | 8476 comments Mod
To share your readings / reviews / thoughts / etc for James A Michener

Spoil Away...

message 2: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 2548 comments Miracle in Seville was first book that I read by Michener for this challenge - its one of his short ones (only 108 pages) but it was a complete story. I've always been interested in going to see the running of the Bulls in Spain and this focused on some elements of that. It featured a sports writer sent to Spain to cover the bull-fighting season and in particular the goal of a owner to re-establish his bulls in history, as those of his in the past had. the detail in the book made me feel like I was there, when he was describing the three Matadors and their various methods of fighting, I could close my eyes and visualize what they were actually doing.

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Slayermel | 664 comments woo hoo first book on one of our Author shelves :0)

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Arlene | 145 comments I finished Creatures of the Kingdom. It was a collection of animal stories, mostly from his longer books. There were stories from Alaska, Centennial, Chesapeake, The Covenant, Hawaii and Texas. I recognized several of the stories. I think my favorite was the last story, "the Colonel and Genghis Khan" about a squirrel who keeps invading the bird feeder in the retired officer's back yard. I don't think that this one was in any of his other books.

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Slayermel | 664 comments Arlene that sounds soooo funny "the Colonel and Genghis Khan" the squirrel, I'm going to have to add this to my reading list. :0)

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Tien (tiensblurb) | 8476 comments Mod
I finally finished Poland - which is probably one of the thickest books for Michener (my ed has 849 pages!) and it has taken me some time to read it :p

I have to admit that also has to do with the book itself (it doesn't really encourage to really want to pick it up to know what's happening).

What I don't like about the book is that the first chapter sets up a scene in contemporary time (keep in mind book was published 1983) and then for the rest of the book (except for the last chapter), it's basically a 'history' of Poland from the 1st century to now (80s). So, there isn't main characters as such (no one I really get attached to and spur on). The way it's written is that we follow generations of 3 families throughout the centuries. These families are of different positions (magnate, minor gentry / landlord, and peasant) from one particular area. So, it was a really long book on how Poland struggled throughout centuries due to the stubborness of certain people plus not having strong leadership in position of a period of time which may do good and continued dependence on other bigger countries, therefore their current existence is still straining & struggling but unable to reach their ideal 'Poland'.

Most definitely not a good first book to start reading an author from :p but it did fit with a ROAR and it was one of the reason I picked it up. It was interesting in some ways but I think if I really want to read a history of Poland, I will pick up an actual non fiction book on the history of Poland!

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