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message 1: by Hilly (new)

Hilly | 14 comments As I wrote elsewhere, I have finished The Orchid Affair, and am savoring The Temptation of the Night Jasmine.

I find Justine Eyre's interpretation of Willig's characters superior to Kate Reading's narration.

Major irks:
Eyre pronounces Eloise "El-wa", and her Welsh accent is off (makes the character sound like an Irish leprauchan).
Reading sounds 10-15 years too old for Eloise and Laura, and her American accent is off (sounds like a British actor faking it).

Major kudos:
Eyre's ability to differentiate her accents in the narration, so that the reader knows immediately in which century the chapter is occurring; her American, British and even French accents are delightful; and the sweetness of her tone (especially her performance of Charlotte).
On Reading's part, I found her mostly flat ... until she wasn't! Those exceptions were what kept me interested.

Anyone else have thoughts or recommendations?

message 2: by Diane (new)

Diane Mason | 129 comments I'm listening to the books in the order the author recommends. :) So I haven't gotten to those 2 books yet. The 3 1/2 books that I have listened to I've really enjoyed. I thought Kate Reading is doing an excellent job in narrating. I'm not having any trouble differentiating between the centuries or the characters. I was concerned about Justine Eyre because of the reviews I read at Audible.

message 3: by Melinda (new)

Melinda (melindaparmer) | 123 comments I haven't gotten to Eyre yet either. I am totally delighted with Reading's narration and I have no idea what you are talking about with her American accent. It sounds exactly like an American accent to me (yes, I'm also American). (Davina Porter, on the other hand, sounds like a British speaker who doesn't know how Americans sound - both in Outlander and in Alexander McCall Smith's Isabel Dalhousie series, where Isabel has cousins from Texas.) I'm not finding Reading flat either - I think she's doing a wonderful job! I've read the first 3 in the series.

Not sure why Eyre would pronounce Eloise El-wa - that is totally off.

Are you not reading them in order? Have you only read the 2 you mentioned? I don't recall your other post.

message 4: by Hilly (new)

Hilly | 14 comments I have *read* the books in order, and I also have all the audiobooks TBR (TBL?), but I encountered a major block finishing the read of Night Jasmine, and so (not wanting to give up on the series) I jumped over the audiobook of it to get thru it.

You see, I am a fan of Laura Kinsale's stories. In this book of Willig's, the heroine's distant "cousin Robert", her fantasy "knight" of years ago, has returned home to his title and estate after years abroad in India. Well, I very nearly didn't put all that together -- until there were references to the king's madness ...after which, I began reading more cautiously. When they began discussing "follies", however, I threw the book against the wall in disgust. And disappointment.

However, because I had really been enjoying the story (again?), I didn't wish to give up on it. With Eyre patiently and charmingly reading it out to me -- in the car, every time I travel -- I have discovered that it's enough different after all to make it likely that'll go back to finish off the hardcover in the future.

Did anyone else get a Kinsale echo?

P.S. - In fairness to Eyre, I just reached a disc where she *does* pronounce "Eloise" in the familiar (3-syllable) manner. I wonder if *Colin* was saying "El-wa" earlier in the story, and if so, why?

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